Some Big Bear News

I got some word on the progress of the Bear. One they have had some problems but are now chugging along and just got a spanking brand new espresso making thing. They hope to open up before the end of year, DC govt willing.

5 thoughts on “Some Big Bear News”

  1. No, I believe they are actually going to be a neighborhood place, but I’m quite sure neighborhood bears would be welcomed. Well, provided they don’t go through the garbage and damage campsites. Bears, non-bears, lesbians, straights, of all races and ages coming together in love, peace and happiness over coffee and tea, and maybe a scone.
    Anyway, they said 1-3 months, lets hope it’s 1 month till opening.

  2. what were the problems that slowed them down, mari? by the way, thought your report from the engineer was really interesting — funny to imsgine our Shaw houses from the perspective of structure.

  3. anytime there is any delay in any small business opening look no further that dc’s favorite construction material….”red tape”.

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