2C meeting last night

Got a report of the 2C meeting, and Leroy is very angry. More later, I have to get something out of my system before it becomes bad snarky snark. [snip] I’m willing to relax the rule about Anon comments for this posting, however, no cursing, spitting, and keep it legal/worksafe.

Update: There is a summary of the 2C meeting at Life In Mt. Vernon Sq. I had to stop myself from laughing tea out of my nose when I read:

That resident, who maintains the 5th and O Blog, noted that he had never posted anything negative about Commissioner Thorpe but that the blog allowed others to express their opinions and promoted community discussion. Commission Thorpe rejected the resident’s portrayal of the blog as promoting free speech, instead comparing it to distributing crack.

Crack. Never thought of blogging as crack dealing. It’s legal, we don’t hang out on corners, and blogs sure as heck won’t make you lose weight.
Anyways, DaddyFiveOh wrote about the meeting and I suggest you read his side.

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  1. Mari, if blogs are crack, does that make you a crack whore? And I thought the neighborhood was getting better…

    Don’t get mad, I just connect the dots of absurdity.

  2. THis is coming from someone who appreciates all of the blogs that we have going in shaw/mt vernon sq, and also appreciates Thorpe’s work. I think there might be some similarities.

    When some people read blogs they may think everything on them is the truth when in reality they may be mixed with opinion.

    Blogs have a way of spreading (like crack) to a large number of people because they are updated frequently and are a form of communication at a personal level.

    People may also get addicted to blogs (like crack)

    You could have a person who believes everything they read (and say they read something of opinion on a blog). Then you could have another person you believes everything they hear (like when the crack dealer tells them this is awsome)

  3. I think the proper term is “crack ho”

    Not to be confused with the “crack po(t)” who was running last night’s meeting. And last night’s ANC meeting (or was it a Thorpe 2006 campaign event? I didn’t get the agenda before hand, but I never get community announcements that I should reasonably expect for my tax dollars) just showed another perfect example of how Mr Thorpe’s innacurate assumptions create a lot of division and confusion and unnecessary tension and waste a lot of precious time. He clearly never ever really read DaddyO’s blog himself, either that or he cannot read very well. Take that gavel and seat away so we can have intelligent and responsible leadership.

    And someone please tell me how the ANC funds those iron tree boxes but cannot afford a little paper to help make sure tax paying citizens are informed about community issues from their elected officials.

  4. Last week I emailed Leroy about a trash complaint behind my house, we went back and forth in person, he checked it out that Saturday morning (left a note in my mailbox, because I wasn’t at home) and he placed a formal complaint. A few days later the trash was gone, He stopped by my house asking me if it had been taken care off. I might be blind to somethings but it seems to me hes doing a fine job. The guy lives in the neighbhorhood why would he not want to make it a better place.

  5. Dear Omar,
    You are still lucky. I was there too once (when he felt he could use my support). Just stay in line and don’t disagree with him and when he says outrageous offensive and confusing things which are hurtful to others, just look the other way. Maybe it will never happen to you, or he’ll just berate other citizens to amuse you; in which case, you must laugh. Many other ANC’s have leaders who do their job and somehow seem to avoid the messes Mr Thorpe gets into. We deserve as much.

  6. I emailed Mari with a small account of what went on…the one thing that really angered me was the comment about white folks not liking African Americans. I was so shocked and angry that the comment was made I seriously started laughing.

    Not every comment was divisive…I appreciated Ms. Gordon’s comments and alot of the other comments…it just seemed that it was the same old “if you agree with me…you are okay…if you do not…get out of our neighborhood” message.

    I am a Leroy supporter. His job as my ANC rep is to help with things like trash, crackhouses and other neighborhood issues…and he does a fantastic job at it. I realize that there are things that he has said in the past that have hurt feelings and offended people…he has on numerous occasions expressed regret for some of those things to me personally.

    However, I think there needs to be a little change in the ANC…watching one of the Commissioners doze off last night sent me through the roof! I think change is a good thing and for that I guess I am the evil interloper…I think having Alex and Leroy on equal footing could do amazing things for Shaw. Alex is someone who needs more say in the day-to-day goings on of the ANC…and I think the other two seats are where change should happen.

    I am sick to death of the same question being asked of every developer (even when they have zero say in hiring) that comes before the ANC and I am growing more and more tired of the shouting down of opposing viewpoints.

    Freedom of speech is a very important facet of our government. Open dissent by the public allowed for things like the Civil Rights Movement to take shape and it is important that all sides are heard in meetings…we may not like them…we may not agree with them…but it is something that will bring Shaw to the next level.

    Daddy Five-Oh…I owe you an apology. I should have stood up there last night and stuck up for you while applauding Leroy…but I was a chickensh*t. I was sitting right behind you and so wanted to jump up and say HOLD ON!

    I cannot wait for round 2.

  7. That was quite the political theatre last night……….an unplanned spontaneous Leroy Thorpe love-in just erupted out of no where. When’s the next show?

  8. I still can’t get over the fact that one member of Leroy Thorpe’s cockadoodle crew said that “we’ve been hear making things safe for you white folks to move in”. Excuse me, but I have yet to see the whitey welcome wagon out down in the projects. Sorry, I ain’t feelin’ the love, sista. Someone’s been smokin’ too much blog.

  9. I remember a few years back somebody set up a web site about Leroy Thorpe, with some very illuminating information about his past record.

    I’d never heard about the web site, until Leroy Thorpe very “helpfully” went around the neighborhood one Saturday morning distributing copies of the lawsuit he had filed to have the web site shut down. So, of course the first thing I did was to run to the computer and have a look at the web site, to see what they were saying that Thorpe so desperately wanted to suppress.

    It covered his history of homophobic attacks on opponents, as well as some even more disturbing information. I’ll bet they got a lot of hits that day, thanks to the publicity that Thorpe generated for that web site. What a doofus.

    In the end, Thorpe’s lawsuit was laughed right out of court. Probably because everything on that web site was true.

  10. I don’t know how anyone attaches much credibility to a man who insincerely has to repeatedly apologize for his behavior. Face it, Mr Thorpe is a seasoned politician, he knows which buttons to push. He pushes them, then apologizes. He berated 5th&O for a good ten minutes, then when it was pointed out that he didn’t know what fruck he was talking about, he apologized again.

    Forget about the election, he should just apologize, resign and step aside for the good of the community. The yuppies, buppies, guppies and puppies don’t really need him. The economically disadvantaged old timers will be better served by someone who can have strong positive relationships with other ANC leaders, to build a united coalition to get things done.

    And forget about Leroy ever playing nice with Alex — that’s the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard; Leroy burned that bridge a long time ago and pisses over the ashes every time they get together.

  11. “And forget about Leroy ever playing nice with Alex — that’s the most ignorant thing I’ve ever heard”

    Watch yourself Daphne…we are all entitled to our opinions and dismissing an opinion as ignorant just because you disagree with it is pretty freaking rude.

    My point is/was…without the other two commissioners on his side it would force Leroy to start having to form other alliances to get anything done…leaving Alex with an advantage. They will probably never get along due to years of b.s. between them…but any political junkie can tell you that you do not have to like someone to work with them.

  12. I’m sorry, Urban. I apologize. Please forgive me like you forgive all of Mr Thorpe’s gaffes. I just really get upset when I see all the potential there is for this community to grow and develop and for people to get along better — if we only had better leadership.

    I forgive Doris and Barbara for falling asleep at the helm. ANC meetings should be sort of run of the mill events where the routine business of the community gets addressed properly and problems get resolved as directly as possible. Instead, we have Le Cirque du LeRoi.

    We need and can now have ANC Commissioners who may not need to see eye to eye and yet respect each other. Why settle on Leroy v Alex tension, when we can get rid of Leroy and do away with 80% of the tension between Leroy and Alex and Leroy and the community. I want to see all of the riff raff gone and move forward. And I’ve had enough of Leroy keeping the Red Hat “threat advisory” at the forefront of his campaign as if there aren’t other issues that he must address professionally as an ANC Chairman.

    I spoke to an ANC 2C02 resident yesterday, who has lived here for 20 years and was formerly a supporter, who was appalled at Leroy’s behavior at this week’s meeting and thinks Leroy should give up his seat now that he’s seen the alternative. Leroy’s base is slipping away, why are you hanging on to a ship full of spouting leaks?

  13. You know Urban, you like Leroy because you think he is good at fighting crime, but it really has little to do with him being an ANC Commissioner. His vigilante activities and red hat patrols will continue regardless of whether he is in office. When it comes to the actual ANC tasks, he cant even write his own letters of support let alone be civil and lucid for an entire meeting. We really deserve better. I for one would truly enjoy attending a meeting and not having to listen to a 20 minute leroy rant or Allah being mentioned all of the time.

  14. I’d hate to think Urban is lining up for one of those tree boxes, or maybe he already has one and is still paying the dues…

    “ANC Budget: “Approximately $8,000, or $1.00 per resident in the last census.” That’s a lot of tree boxes for Leroy’s friends and loyal subjects….”

    “Someone should request a Freedom of Information Act report on the spending of ANC 2C.”

    — from LIMVS

    I think we should respect the the various religious traditions in our commmunty but there is no place for beating people over the head with them, whether it be clubbing all of us infidels with the Allah at ANC meetings or burdening us poor pagans with the cross at ECCA meetings. Let’s get on with the business of the greater community at these meeting and leave the religion for those who want to go to temples, churches and mosques.

  15. Okay we’ve got apologies and forgivness, and that’s good.
    When it comes to these political races I keep thinking back to what little of my English Civ War History remains in my head, angels have better things to do than serve in government. So you’re left with faulty mortals, some, more faulty than others. You have to figure out what faults you’re willing to live with.

  16. Daphne…apology accepted and good points. Anonymous great points as well…one thing for Leo (and he made great points as well)…I have been offered one of the tree boxes but respectfully declined and did mine myself.

  17. When Leroy is democratically escorted out of office, we will all breathe a little easier. Some people will miss their accomplished hero as ANC Leader, but he’s not going anywhere. He’s already said many times already that when he loses, he will continue with the red hat brigade to confront low life criminal behavior. I’ve actually never seen them myself, but I’ll take folks’ word for it. Frankly, I prefer that the the growing police ranks be bolstered even more so that the bad elements can be dealt with by those with the proper authority, backup, and — only when necessary — threat of fire power.

    There’s really no need to fear a backlash from the old timers which was subtly suggested at the ANC 2C meeting. They, as well as some of the newbies of just the last six years, remember very well what is was like when the City did not have packed coffers filled with all the real estate tax revenue that I imagine has not trickled, but flowed freely down to the necessary and important community organizations that serve our residents in the most need.

    Let’s remember the past, but it’s high time to stop living in it and give our future a chance. There are still a ridiculous number of young black men and children on the street that have been under-served and misdirected or just allowed to slip through the cracks. This Chapple dude suggests that he’s come from the hood, raised by a single parent, and now he’s an attorney and legit businessman. A lot of young kids will benefit from that example. Certainly, it’s good to see someone who has done something positive with their life after they have had a brief stint in jail, but surely the best role model is someone who manages to navigate the snares of life without getting into the trouble that lands one in jail in the first place.

    And Leroy doesn’t yet seem to have grown to learn how to avoid trouble. He may be great at dealing directly with the street thugs and crack heads and bad cops, but they aren’t the one’s paying taxes and electing him to be their representative.


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