2C meeting last night

Got a report of the 2C meeting, and Leroy is very angry. More later, I have to get something out of my system before it becomes bad snarky snark. [snip] I’m willing to relax the rule about Anon comments for this posting, however, no cursing, spitting, and keep it legal/worksafe.

Update: There is a summary of the 2C meeting at Life In Mt. Vernon Sq. I had to stop myself from laughing tea out of my nose when I read:

That resident, who maintains the 5th and O Blog, noted that he had never posted anything negative about Commissioner Thorpe but that the blog allowed others to express their opinions and promoted community discussion. Commission Thorpe rejected the resident’s portrayal of the blog as promoting free speech, instead comparing it to distributing crack.

Crack. Never thought of blogging as crack dealing. It’s legal, we don’t hang out on corners, and blogs sure as heck won’t make you lose weight.
Anyways, DaddyFiveOh wrote about the meeting and I suggest you read his side.