Looking at the signs

My better angel just walked off my shoulder to get a bite to eat, so…..
My lesser angel is wondering if one could make a game of matching the metal treeboxes with the “Re-Elect Leroy Thorpe” signs. Was it last week when I noticed those bright red and white signs all appeared at once?
I got an email stating that someone was a little overzealous in putting signs in folks yards. Not unheard of. I wasn’t surprised when I found a Linda Cropp sign in my treebox, but as soon as I saw it I removed it. According to my little birdie (just wub the widdle burdies) those signs are not necessarily there at the request or desire of the occupant. Some signs I have seen hint to that. Somewhere on 5th there is a sign that has been placed just so between the security door bars, like a large Chinese takeout menu. Another sign, further up 5th, sits on the ground, between the gate and a wooden fence. Also if you find such a sign in your yard and you really don’t want it, don’t return it, you will be confronted.