Bus map @ Shaw-Howard

Just noticed that in the corner, near the R St exit at the Shaw-Howard U station, there is a bus map. It must be new. I’m very happy to see that metro is sl ow ly, putting these things in.
Hopefully when all stations have bus maps, I can figure out how to get to destination X without having to rifle through the remaining bus schedules at the kiosk hoping to find the bus I need before it drives off.


Hi folks, this is Truxtonian, not Mari. Mari was on my case for not posting in a long time, so I feel compelled. Anyways, this is probably going to raise the webmistress’s ire. But, Mari, it’s a post– so remember that.

Well, the primaries came and went. Comments are flowing on previous posts about ANC elections. Very interesting. Very interesting, indeed. All I have to say now is that I got a message from the Eckington listserv, which reposts from the Bloomingdale listserv (yes, this is 3rd or 4th-hand), about ANC Commissioner Robert Brannum being endorsed by Senator John Kerry for the DC Board of Education. To that I say an emphatic, WHAT?!?

Ok folks, look forward to the “real” election on November 7th. Maybe the mayor has been more or less decided, but there are a lot more more interesting elections that will greatly impact us DC folk forthcoming.