And then hijinx ensue

From what I’ve been hearing about what’s going on over on the other side of New Jersey Avenue, it appears that people have been behaving badly. I might have a naive vision of what democracy is in America, but there are things that come across to me as just plain wrong and dangerous to the concept of American democracy.
For one, even if you are in the pocket of one candidate or party, at least pretend to recognize the opposition. The stories of Mr. Chapple, who is running for a seat in 2C, being outright snubbed by the old guard, is disappointing. No one says you have to actively support him, but rather be fair and practice the golden rule. The rule being do unto others as you’d have them do to you.
What I’ve been told about the 2C meeting and the ECCA meeting, where Mr. Chapple has tried to introduce himself to the voters, comes across as wrong in so many ways. Are these civic meetings or some odd kind of performance art with theatrics and wacky hi-jinx?
Anyway, November you get to vote again. Then you will get to decide about who will be your ANC councilman.

I’m happy to be wrong

Well according to the summary report put out by the Board of Elections Adrian Fenty has 57.22% with 51,125 votes. I was wrong in thinking Mrs. Linda Cropp would win. Not surprising is that Mr. Vincent Orange only got 2,530 votes. Now that’s not all of them but, thinking about how much money he raised for those few votes. Sad.
Also I’m amazed how few votes Rae Zapata got too, with 11.36% of the votes. Oh Harry Thomas Jr won that race.
I’m going to bed now, it is waaay past my bedtime.