End of September garden report

Stuff is growing.
I might have grown too many tomato plants. I haven’t gotten a lot of tomatoes, due to the extreme heat and the stupid squirrels eating the green ones. The tomato plants are taking up a lot of real estate for with little I’ve gotten so I may not be as willing next year to have more than 5 plants.
The Swiss Chard has been good. If I need something green to eat there has always been enough of the stuff to go out in the yard and cut off a bunch or just rip a whole plant out. Saute some garlic and shallots in a pan, cut up the chard, throw in pan, wilt, ta-da, dinner veggie.
There is a lot of cilantro. I’ve been making some Thai salad with them, as well as a limey tequila ceviche, but not so much tubule (because of the lack of tomatoes). I think I replanted the seeds about a month or two ago.
I’ve completely spent the arugula. I’ve eaten so much of that lettuce that there isn’t much left of the plant.
More onions would be good as I have been using a number of the spring onions in various dishes. I also need to not plant certain onions near other types of onions as their tops look alike, but there bottoms are very different.
The beans keep going and going, despite my efforts. I rolled them in a corner, where they wouldn’t get a lot of light, and they still produce.