Sept 12, 2006

If you can* go vote, do so.

My meeting notes for the BACA meeting are up at the super secret site for my longtime readers. One thing I really didn’t put in was the Gateway Market and Residences proposal, mainly because it wasn’t really presented. Mr. Ray who was supposed to present, didn’t as he was stuck on the west coast. But there was a photocopy of the proposed legislation and drawings of the project. The drawing, oh, hayll no. At ten stories it would drawf a lot of what’s near it. Yes, the NOMA project will have a lot of tall, sometimes butt ugly buildings, but it is on the other side of the Metro tracks. When you get under the WMATA tracks to the other side, there are a few tall warehouse buildings followed by the market, which is about 3 stories high (feel free to correct me), the university, and many many 2 and three story turn of the century residences. The building design looks more in tune with the new construction happening in NOMA (tall and modern), not the surrounding commercial, educational, and residential spots. However I have been told that ANC 5b approved the plan. Is that right? It sits in the southwest corner of 5b, north of Florida Ave and east of the metro line.

*Independents, Libertarians, Communists, and anyone who isn’t a Statehood Green, a Democrat or Republican cannot vote today.