Blagden Alley Assoc Meeting

| Blagden Alley Association |
| Monthly Meeting |
| |
| THURSDAY, September 28, 2006 |
| 7:30-9:00 pm |
| Breakwell’s |
| Ninth and M Streets, NW |
| (Note fancy location) |

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Three topics:
1. The Charter School (that one!) is still alive.
2. How to put a surveillance camera (outdoors) on your PC. We’ll all
need it soon.
3. District Liquors. Update.

Shooting last week

It’s been a week and I am now getting to it. Part due to laziness, people I have warned you about my laziness, part due to other things that have occupied my thoughts (radiators, pipes, leaks, foreign students without visas), and part being just annoyance with the whole thing.

Last week, Monday, at 2pm-ish, in the alley between the 1600 blk of New Jersey Ave and 4th St NW there was a shooting. There were several witnesses and they said that a vehicle drove into the alley from 4th St, tried to turn and go towards Q St but couldn’t because a truck was blocking the alley (renovation work on a house) and then there was shooting. Supposedly one bullet went into the direction of the day care center on the corner of R and New Jersey. The escape was made through the empty lot on New Jersey Ave. As there were several witnesses, 911 was called by several people…… no one showed up.
Query: If there is shooting and no person gets shot should one bother to call the cops?
My best guess right now, which might not be correct, is that this is some stupid turf battle with the 5th and O group. Two steps forward, one step back. Some have noted an uptick in graffiti and shooting in other parts of this end of Shaw ranging from the area around Kelsey Gardens to my area.

The doll house

The Doll House, as some of us have come to call the house, on the corner of New Jersey and Q, is up for sale. $649K. The market will give it what the market will give.
This might be the third time I noticed it was up on the market in the 5 or so years I have lived in the neighborhood. Today was the first time I actually went inside the house.
We’ve called it the doll house because it is small inside. But it is so darned cute! It’s got a little porch. A little kitchen with a curvy fridge. Period touches. You are aware that it is small but the space is well used.
This weekend we (B. and IT) ventured over to 555 Mass Ave to look at the condos there. The way the model was staged the vibe that was expressed could only be described as ‘Sex in DCity’. The handbag shaped magazine holder in the living room, the style of the furnishings, the view of the city, and the “Sex in the City” book flipped on its pages on the nightstand kinda made it obvious who was the target audience. The doll house by comparision not really staged, more cleaned and neatened up, gave the impression of cozy quaint domesticity.
My favorites in the doll house were the bathrooms. One could imagine soaking in the tub, with lots of light streaming in as the sounds of life on New Jersey Ave (or at least the sound of the 96 bus) go by. One bathroom had a sliding door, so there was no space needed for a door to swing in or out. Because I’m in the planning stages of renovating I’m very curious about how others squeeze in a bathroom.