October, maybe November

Hopefully, I will be relocated from my Maryland office to the downtown DC office in October, maybe November, it depends. I look forward to it as I’m more than sick of my current commute of taking the train, to wait for a bus, that may or may not come early, but most of the time comes 10-15 mins late, and only comes once every 1/2 hour, if it is on schedule. A switch to downtown would allow me to do the train or bus, or if I’m feeling up to it, ride my bike, or if it is a bright sunny day, walk.
Besides making my commute less irritating, I see the benefit of getting more in tune with the neighborhood and the city. When I get back from Maryland I have very little energy or desire to leave the house again. The few times I have walked home from the downtown office I :
Looked in the window of TicketPlace to see what shows were at a reduced price
Stopped at the Warehouse Theater Cafe.
Noticed the progress of another large condo going up
Asked the folks at Starbucks for coffee grounds for my compost.
So sometime next month or the month after that I’m finished with project X and X(misc) and when my bosses figure out where to put me and what I’ll be doing, then I shall sweeten my commute. That and sleep in for an extra hour.