Jim don’t say it’s so!

Got this email today:

I take this opportunity to inform you that I will not be seeking reelection to represent the citizens of Single Member District 5C01 on Advisory Neighborhood Commission 5C. I have recently been offered an opportunity for career development that I cannot refuse. So, after several days of serious introspection, I have reached a final conclusion. I will continue my work with the Bates Area Civic Association, Inc., as well as with many of the other neighborhood organizations with which I am presently involved. As you may already know, a couple of folks have picked up nominating petitions to represent SMD 5C01. Among them is Ward Five political and community activist Anita Bonds. Should Anita become elected to this position, she is someone who can definitely “hit the ground running,” as she has an extensive history of involvement in our in our city and in our community and she is intimately familiar with most of the issues with which we have been grappling over the years. Of course, I will share any insights that I have gained over the years with whomever is ultimately elected to this position. Thank you for the overwhelming support that I have received across the years!
Jim Berry

I will miss our great leader’s leadership, and we’ll see who decides to run, but no one can really replace Jim.

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