Sept 12, you go vote

Because the city is so heavily registered with the Democratic Party the mayorial race will be determined soley by the Democrats in the city. And provided none of the candidates pulls a Lieberman it’s pretty much a given on November 7th who the next mayor for DC will be. I’m hoping for Fenty but I have a horrid gut feeling that Cropp will win. As an Independent (I’m not complaining) there is no role for me to play on the 12th. The things I have been able to do is share my opinion and give money (I could have volunteered).
However, there are several reasons to get out and vote November 7th. Well for people fed up with their Single Member District ANC, 11/7 would be their chance to change… or not. There are At Large Council Seats and the School Board.
So if you can, vote.

9 thoughts on “Sept 12, you go vote”

  1. With all due respect I do not understand why anyone registers as an Independent in DC. I say this as someone who did for one election cycle.

    For national politics I can understand registering as an Independent but here in DC all it does is remove you from the important votes. Also its not like our local parties, either Democrat or Republican or Green, have ANYTHING to do with the national parties. There is virtually no money, influence or interest flowing into DC from any of those parties.

    For local elections our primary decides who will in all but the two non-majority party seats. And ANC and school board are not tied to party affliation either.

    For national elections we, DC, will vote for Democrats for a long long time.

    I totally back your main point though and that is to VOTE!

  2. I changed my registration so that I could get a say this time around. I will be there on Sept 12th and I agree that Cropp will probably win…too bad we cannot redraft Mayor Williams because he is the only one I want as our Mayor.

    One thing I disagree with Mari…”pull a Lieberman”. Sorry but I must disagree with you…Joe is a great man who has never waivered in his Conservative Democratic values. While I have rarely agreed with Joe, I think that the party has abandoned him and for that they will be kicking themselves come January when Joe Liberman is sworn in for another term and alligns with the R’s as an Independent (ala Jim Jeffords).

    And before a few people skewer me for the “war”…yes it is unpopular but Joe has been a man who has always marched to the beat of a different drummer…that should not be a death sentence handed down by the “party” you have worked to maintain a voice that is somewhat moderate.

  3. whomever is defeated in this mayoral primary will be gracious and endorse their opponent. fenty and mrs cropp will abide by the party rules and not pull a lieberman.

  4. Note to Self= 1) Don’t violate own rules about mentioning national figures on blog. 2)Hit self in head.

    It’s ok to disagree with me (in a respectful manner) ’cause I do make mistakes and I do things at times that only make sense to me.

  5. Dude(tte)…it is your space so you can say whatever you desire on this space. I just wanted to get that off my chest.

    By the way seems another WMATA driver decided to run over one of those pesky pedestrians on 7th Street (7th and P)…here is hoping that the person hit will be ok.

  6. Hi Mari, I can’t get a good grip on Fenty or Cropp; I just can’t seem to get beyond their rhetoric to know what they’re actually like as potential mayors. . .can I ask, on what do you base your strong feelings about Fenty? Appreciate any sharing of thoughts. . .


  7. Why Fenty? My logical (as opposed to the illogical) reasons are these:
    1. Has some experience on the Council. Which for me means he’s just familiar enough about how DC govt works (or doesn’t) from the inside.
    2. He hasn’t been on the Council long enough to pick up Barry stink. Come to think, I don’t believe he was on the Council when Marion Barry was Mayor.
    3. He’s a new kind of Black politician.
    4. He was/is (not sure anymore) responsive to the needs of the residents in his Ward.

    I would have a 5th reason but then I’d have to dig into the illogical reasons.

    Despite the goodness of the other mayoral candidates I like a proven track record, because one can go in with the best of intentions and have the miasma of DC government destroy the best laid plans.

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