Because foot washing is sooooo 1st century
As I was riding back home on my bike yesterday after church I spotted an odd sight over at the house owned by the Korean church. On the sidewalk I saw an Asian woman cutting the hair of a black man sitting in a chair. The chair could have been a barber’s chair because of its height and angle. I guess haircuts are charitable. If your talent is cutting hair, then I gather you can cut hair for the Lord.
The Korean Church that owns the house does some sometimes odd things ‘for’ the community. At times I have spotted them singing at the park on 1st where the bums hang out. I have spotted a gang of Asian teenagers posting signs of some little event or another on the light posts. And every year, they have a Easter flower give away. I just find it odd how this suburban Korean church does it’s missionary work. To each their own….

also on the topic of religious organizations…..

This is not Islamic Idol
If you are within a block of the mosque on the 1500 block of 4th Street you can sometimes hear the call to prayer that is broadcast over the loudspeakers. Sunday night, around 8:15PM, whoever was doing the call seemed like he was trying to hold every single note for as long as he humanly could. I was also trying to determine what style of singing it was too. I do listen to the different styles each man brings to his call. One time, one fellow seemed to try to belt it out like an old time R&B song. As a non-Muslim, my own personal preference is not before 5:30AM and a straight unadorned call.

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  1. Well, if you were charged by God to pray five times a day, you’d probably want to wake up early and get one or two out of the way.

    My question is do practicers of Islam go back to bed after the morning prayer, or do they go out to Denny’s or some place like it for a nice breakfast. That’s what I would do.

  2. I had two Begali roommates once and let’s just say some muslims are like christians when it comes to the intensity of practice. One roommate, devout, the other, not so much. The more devout one I think prayed at least once a day but wasn’t an early riser. So, no, no Denny’s for her.

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