Administrative: Changes starting in August

Last year I began posting about 5 days a week and kept up the posting pace for a year. Now, I’m finding it a tad bit harder to come up with things to write on a near daily basis and there are some other projects I would like to devote my time to. So I’m going to reduce my postings to 3 times a week, particularly Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I might post Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I’m going to treat them like my Saturdays and Sundays, where I post when I really, really, have something to say.
Last year in August I had an average of 42 visits a day using up 31MG a month, this July it was an average of 450 daily visits using 701MG. At 1 gig my server starts charging me $5 more. I like you guys but I don’t make any money from this and as I’ve said many times, I’m cheap. So posting 3x a week is also a internet traffic calming/reducing strategy.
Fear not, I’m not going anywhere. Neither are the crackheads, the dealers, the bad section 8’ers, and horrid suburbanites who come in to trash the hood. As long as there are those folks, as well as the slow changes of a gentrifying neighborhood, I’ll write about them.

Thanks & Pax,

Problem with a small house

So Nora Bombay and I were out shopping, or more accurately, looking at stuff that we could or could not afford. Roaming around Expo, Home Depot’s fancier store, Nora pointed out a big dresser, only $1,200. I balked. Not only was it more than I really wanted spend on furniture, I could never get it into my house.
When I got my fridge the delivery guys had to take the front door off the hinges just to get the darned thing in. I had to destroy part of the stair railing to get it into the dining room. What was worse was this was not a huge fridge and it took a lot of effort to get it in. Lesson learned, I need to ask if I can get it through the front door before I buy.
This is one of the reasons why I like IKEA. Almost everything fits through the front door. I know some have forsaken IKEA, but most of it fits through the door that doesn’t open all the way and can get through the narrow hallway. Just because of my front door alone, I’ve had to keep my furnishings small.
This Sunday I was walking around Georgetown admiring the houses. Not because of wealth or grandeur. Nope. I was looking at space saving solutions. Forget the big, mini-mansions and huge homes best suited for entertaining the King of Prussia. There are a number of dinky sized townhomes in Georgetown too. I was looking at rear balconies, alley side decks and patios, and if they left their windows wide open, interiors. Please note this is all from the sidewalk.
Inside some homes I saw what I’m going to call size appropriate furnishings. What was in the living rooms were moderate sized couches. None of these huge mammoth couches I’ve see in my suburban relatives’ homes. Maybe the people of Georgetown have annoying front door problems too?
Back here in Truxton, IT (and B) has done a good job getting the most out of his small space home. There is no wall to create a living room or a dining room but they have done it with a couch and some other furnishing that I can’t remember the name of…. Basically furniture creates space and it doesn’t feel tiny. You know you are in a small space but you don’t feel cramped.
Now if anyone wants to see how they (IT & B) pulled off the design then, you’ll have to wait for the new Discovery Channel show, which I also can’t remember the name of but it debuts in August (I think) and it is about decorating and designing with less than 1,000 sq. ft. of house. With any luck you’ll see about 5 minutes of their house. ‘Cause really it is so small, it takes just 5 minutes. But it will be the 5 minutes of your life.

BACA meeting

There will be a meeting tonight, below is the agenda

August 1, 2005

Monthly Meeting Agenda
Meeting Called to Order 7:00 p.m.
Opening Comments J. Berry
Public Safety Committee Report: Alice Harper, Chairperson
(a) Fifth District Police

4. Land Use, Planning, and Economic Development Art Slater, Chairperson

Committee Report

(a) Remarks: Alex Nyham, Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development, “A Briefing on the Redevelopment of Sursum Corda, Sibley Plaza, Tyler House, and Temple Courts”

“Flower Power 2005” Mary Ann Wilmer, Chairperson Membership Committee

Environmental Services Committee Report Scott Shappell, Chairperson
BACA Housekeeping J. Berry
(a) Next BACA Meeting – Monday, September 12, 2005

9. Adjournment 9:00 p.m.


Bad news

Well close to the end of the week, heading into the weekend, the news in Truxton was, well, bad. There had been some daytime shootings over near 3rd and P and around First Street. What the hey is going on? I have no idea. A fair number of theories, but no answers.
During this lovely weekend, I did see a very active police car making the rounds around Bates and 1st. First I saw the car, with two cops, break up a street game of catch. About 5 minutes later, after the car left, the kids/ young adults were back at it. Then I saw the same car cruising up and down 1st. I last saw it in the park at 1st and Florida where the bums hang out. When I passed by the area later the hanger outs were back to business as usual, hanging out, with a little hand dancing going on as well.
Is it increased police presence because of what happened? I don’t know. But it is always good to see the police making the rounds. It is even better to see them get out of the squad car.