Mouse problems, possible solutions

Once again. I have a mouse. I probably have mice.
I am forced to action because I have seen said mouse and not just his little mousy presents he leaves. My cousin who visited this weekend saw the mouse. I was absolutely embarrassed.
The mouse has been running around my house via the walls, along the pipes. I believe the mouse has been using the radiator pipes to get from one room to another as those are the only holes (that I know of) and the mouse has usually been spotted over by the radiators.
Armed with expanding foam in a can and steel wool I hope to make my house not hospitable to mice. It would help also if I could “rent” someone’s cat for a day or a week, just to get that eau de kitty in the house. Anywho I grabbed some soft expanding foam because the hard stuff is a huge pain to remove. In the basement I put some foam in the gap between the floor and the pipes. Upstairs, I stuffed steel wool around the pipes and behind the radiator. I’ve been told that mice don’t like steel wool. Well only time will tell if that is true.

Well we need more of this kind of missionary work

Coming home yesterday, in the rain, I spotted a gang of Asian kids on the corner. This means one thing, the Korean Protestants are trying to figure out what good they can do for the community. That day’s good deed, pulling out weeds and grass from the sidewalk and street gutters. The did a pretty good job on the corner. Ah, showing the love of Christ, to his people, through weed pulling.
I’m not really making fun of them. It’s just that their missionary work in the neighborhood seems (to me anyway) directionless. Some churches in the area have various programs of childcare, breakfasts, free clothing, Summer Bible activities, etc. that they are known for and do regularly. I’m just having trouble figuring out what’s their thing.

A Friendly Reminder of the 8/18/2005 Monthly Meeting of PSA 501 – – Its in our neighborhood

From Jim Berry


I write to remind you that the PSA 501 community meeting is taking place in our neighborhood this month. Specifically, it will be held on Thursday, August 18, 2005 at Mount Sinai Baptist Church, 3rd and Q Streets, NW,between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m.

A number of months ago, it was decided that the PSA 501 monthly meeting would be rotated throughout the various neighborhoods within its boundaries in order to give residents maximum opportunity to participate, particularly when held in his/her respective neighborhood.

Our neighborhood made a commendable turnout on Monday night at the special meeting to address community concerns about the ill-advised proposal to take away our green space and recreation options at New York Avenue Playground.
It has been a while since I’ve seen that many folks come out to let their concerns be known. However, if (as a community) we are unable or unwilling to show the strength of our resolve to tackle our myriad problems in a serious and a sustained way, then all we will have done the other day was participate in a mere exercise of catharsis that will be soon forgotten by public officials.

It is my contention that issue that brought folks out to the special meeting was as much one of public safety as it was of badly needed recreation and leisure resources for residents of all ages. So, if you are concerned about the open air drug dealing in the community, the constant sound of gun fire at night, the community violence, the loitering, an increased police presence in the neighborhood, the lack of safe recreation spaces for our children, and other such issues, then I hope your busy schedule of pre-existing commitments will enable you to join us on Thursday. The
meeting will definitely benefit from your participation and input!


Jim Berry

PS: As a example of the increased attention that our area can receive
high level government officials, I include a picture of City
Robert Bobb and Deputy Mayor for Public Safety and Justice Edward D.
ReReiskin — both of whom participated in our candle light vigil at the
on First and Florida Avenue, NW on National Night Out Against Crime