BACA meeting abrv notes

Today’s optional posting
Instead of going to the BACA meeting I went to dinner. But I did ask what did I miss and the following is a extremely brief description of the meeting:
The daytime shootings were addressed and it apparently was an emotional exchange. A good portion of the meeting was on public safety issues. There will be a separate meeting, with no date as of yet to deal with public safety in the area.
Art Slater talked about developments planned to go up in the area. One of interest is the old Exxon gas station which is a plot of land at the corner of Florida and North Capitol. He also talked about the proposed car wash that is headed for the corner of New Jersey and Islamic Way (1500 block of New Jersey). If you didn’t get the flyer, several neighbors are up in arms about it and don’t want it. Jim Berry (our ANC) is looking into what can be done. And Art talked about the billboards at P and 4th. There will be a meeting next week, I don’t know the time, to address the development in the area.
Mary Ann Wilmer talked up the Flower Power Garden Tour. THERE WILL BE A POLICE PRESENCE FOR THE TOUR! We all still have tickets. I still have tickets.
That was it.