Fenty for mayor google ad?

I was over at DCist looking at their manual labor mayor post and noticed up top a Google Ad for Adrian Fenty’s mayoral campaign. Fenty has not only taken up many a lawnspace, because those green signs are popping up like mushrooms in parts of Ward 5, but he’s taken up ad space. I’ve pondered Google ads. But given that I wouldn’t be able to choose which individual ads show up on my site, I’ve been wary about adding ads. I don’t know if I would want a Fenty or Orange or Johns ad popping up on my site.

Slugs and inch worms

Discovered slugs like tomatoes. One of the nasty things got to some low hanging tomatoes and I gather the tomato had split, like most of my tomatoes are prone to do, and the slug accessed it through the tear. So I tore off the tomato flung the offending slug in the street and waited for some passing car to squish it. Unlike split tomatoes where the ants have gotten to it, there was no saving this slug damaged one. Ants stick to the surface, the slug got into the juicy seedy core. I had to dump it into the compost bin.
I had tremendously good luck this Spring with growing salad greens in a large pot. I figured as Summer should be coming to a close I could start on some more salad for fall harvest. I planted some corn salad, arugula, and butter or Bibb salad, along with some cilantro and bunching onions. The salad greens are gone. %#@%! Inchworms. Nothing left of the salad leaves, nothing. The arugula stood up a bit better considering it does have a peppery bite, but after they ate up the softer tasting salads they attacked the arugula. They used the onions to move from one set of salad greens to another. The cilantro is just coming out so they hadn’t made much of a meal of them. So last night, I spent a good amount of time picking off the blasted worms by hand and crushing them with my loafers.

Basil giveaway
By the by, anyone in the hood in walking distance from the house needs basil, I got tons. I really should make a mint pesto (just add a bunch of mint leaves to your normal pesto recipie) but I haven’t had the time. So if your house is on one of the maps on the right hand side of this post, email me and I’ll send some basil your way.