Hello Washington Post readers

Dang it I was planning on wearing that jumper today, but can’t cause wearing the same dress that’s in the paper is just plain weird. And gawd, I take an ugly picture. I now see I really need to do something about the hair. Anyway, enough about me.

Not mentioned at all in the Post article is the excellent neighborhood blog Frozen Tropics covering Trinidad and more specifically the H Street corridor. I think her coverage of the area and the spirit of the neighborhood are captured beautifully in pictures and word.

In the spirit of using this portion of my 15 minutes of fame, let me also point out Nathan’s DC Education blog. Nathan is a father and has an interest in the schools in the District from a parent’s point of view. Go to his site, read what he has to say, and click on the ads because I’m sure the revenues go into the kid’s college fund.

I noticed one small error. I live in the Truxton Circle portion of Eastern Shaw, not near it. Truxton Circle, Scott & Matt’s site is far more informative than my crappy blog. If you really want to know what’s going on over here, go to their site.

I can give you no good reason to visit Jimbo’s blog, except he’s drop dead gorgeous, gay and lives in Shaw.

Lastly, if you want to comment be aware I’m a delete happy person. No cussin’ spittin’, tickin’ off the hostess, or trashin’ the hood. (see Comment Policy)