1910 Census 1400 block of North Capitol

Mess of immigrant I-Talians. And Yiddish speaking Russians.
In 1910 at 1428 North Capitol lived the Chite (with an accent over the e) family. There were 8 people in that house and poppa Chite was a shoemaker with his own shop.
1426 North Capitol had 4 Albinos where poppa Albino was a propieter of a fruit store.
1416 North Capitol had 6 Figliozzis. The breadwinner Mr. Figliozzi was a barber in his own shop.
Then there were the German Kellers living at 1422 & 1420 North Cap. Keller Senior from Germany at 1420 and his DC born son and his family next door.
1414 North Capitol lived the Yiddish speaking Shappiros from Russia and next door were other Russian (can I dare to guess bc of language?) Jews, the Schneiders at 1412 North Capitol. A few doors down at 1404 were the Kitts, also Jews from Russia.
At the end of the block at 1400 North Capitol was Mr. Sullivan a liqour swilling bar keep and Irish immigrant and his household of 10 people.
Okay here is the Sullivan family. Well because I’ve been trying to speed the research along by just looking at the head of household and spouse and only looking at the rest of the house for numbers of adults and children, I totally missed the 2 African American servants living in the Sullivan household and counted them as family. Click on the image for a better view of the census page. At the bottom are Mr. and Ms. Taylor, servants. So the whiskey swilling barkeep had 2 servants, 1 wife, and 6 kids.