Surveillance Cameras

I’ve been meaning to post what few notes I took from last week’s 5D police meeting but it’s on a random sheet of paper, on a pile, somewhere, in the house. Anyway, I do remember there being talk of surveillance cameras for neighborhoods in the District, just a question of where. Frozen Tropics has a post pointing to a Baltimore City Paper article about what is it like to live with the cameras. Something to think about as from time to time Truxton citizens ask for any type of surveillance.

People not like us

Walking down the street after work with B. we spy this guy in front of us with baseball cap (on backwards) and a baseball jersey with the name Kidd on the back. We were walking up Rhode Island when Plunk! Down goes a styrofoam cup filled with ice and drink on to the busy road. At first, I thought someone left a cup on the curb and one of the fast driving vehicles shook it in the road. No. As we continued to walk we see that “Kidd” has a brown paper carryout bag. He took out a sandwich wrapped in wax paper and just tossed it on the sidewalk. At this point I had no idea of what to say or even think that anything I say would stop this unacceptable behavior. “Kidd” then dropped the brown paper bag in the street and continued on. B. and I griped amongst ourselves about how anti-social was the litterbug. B. concluded that “Kidd” was well on his way to a life of failure. I figured “Kidd” must live in a garbage can because apparently he hasn’t escaped the garbage can of his mind and has no respect for his neighborhood or himself.
Really, what kind of people treat the neighborhood like an open garbage can?