Prostitution Arrests in Mt Vernon Square

On the Mt. Vernon listserv there are the names and addresses of people arrested recently. Normally, I just read the arrests posts and move on to the next message, but it seems this time around there was prostitution theme, and that caught my eye.
The other thing that caught my eye was the arrested folks’ addresses. What, are there no ho’s in SE? The arrests occurred around the Convention Center area and there is one fellow from Elvans Road SE, and another from Bernie Place SE. Others from NE DC and the rest have no fixed address so maybe they are local or maybe not.
This runs close to the theories some of us have about drugs. Many of the people involved don’t even live around here, but we get the bad rep.

5 thoughts on “Prostitution Arrests in Mt Vernon Square”

  1. Mari, ho’s know better than to walk around SE at night. Besides, all the big-money johns are in NE and NW. Everybody knows that.

  2. Anon please try again but use some id, make up a name if you need to, as not having an ID on a post is a violation of my comment policy.

    Robbie, are you saying SE isn’t safe?

  3. Some areas of SE aren’t safe. I don’t know of many people, residents even, who would walk around Congress Heights at night.

    But I think it’s more to do where the money is. Let’s face it, people with money don’t come East Of The River to look for hookers. Besides, the Convention Center area is historically “the hooker spot”. Or at least since 14th Street was cleaned up and the residents of Logan Circle kicked them out of that neighborhood.

  4. 14th was a strip of burlesque type joints until the mid 80’s. franklin square park is still notorious(along 14 betwn K and I NW). then MPD pushed the street hookers into the logan circle area where they’ve been for 20 years now. the hookers are not gone from east logan circle by any stretch of reality or imagination.


  5. The area around where I live (near 10th and M) had signs up for the last two weeks declaring our area a “prostitution free zone,” similar to the anti drug zones signs that materialize every now and then. Apparently prostituion is allowed at other times? Anyway, that might explain the increase in prostitution related arrests.

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