Bus map @ Shaw-Howard

Just noticed that in the corner, near the R St exit at the Shaw-Howard U station, there is a bus map. It must be new. I’m very happy to see that metro is sl ow ly, putting these things in.
Hopefully when all stations have bus maps, I can figure out how to get to destination X without having to rifle through the remaining bus schedules at the kiosk hoping to find the bus I need before it drives off.

3 thoughts on “Bus map @ Shaw-Howard”

  1. You have route brochures at your kiosk!? LOL!?! That would be nice at ours. I also always wondered why route maps for routes other than the bus you are on are found inside your bus. They never really seem to help, and I’m always wanting the map for the bus I’m on.

  2. Is it one of those actual bus maps they have down in the CBD, with the street map and the overlay of the major bus routes nearby? I’m so jealous. I would take the bus to work, if it ran regularly and I could count on it showing up, as the stop is right outside my building.

    I wonder if they are going to re-evaluate the bus routes, which they had said they were going to look at.

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