Meetings tonight

Over on the west side of New Jersey Ave in the 2C area the ECCA is having a meeting. Police Chief Ramsey and Mr. Kevin Chapple are scheduled to appear.
On the east side BACA is having it’s meeting at 7pm and two liquor store owners are scheduled to speak. One being the owner of Sunset, which is across the street from the park. The other Moon, is on the corner of 4th and Florida. Curiously, a 10 story project that is supposed to go up near Morse St and 4th St NE is on the agenda too.

UPDATE: My BACA meeting notes are up at the super secret site. Okay, after serveral months you should have figured this out but the user name: thismeeting password: neverhappened . Also according to Blogger this is my 900th post.

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  1. Well as I live in the TC I have to go to the BACA meeting. Also Frozen Tropics pointed out something that didn’t dawn on me… Morse St NE is where my favorite smelly market is. The Gateway project is part of a bigger plan to possibly get rid of the Florida Market.

  2. Mari
    I will be attending the ECCA meeting this evening, however, I am not exactly scheduled to appear. I have attempted, on several occasions, to reach Ms. Newell, the President of the ECCA, by telephone to request to be placed on the agenda. Each time I have called no one answered the phone and my calls were not returned.
    I do not want to take up much time during the meeting. I wanted a few minutes to simply introduce myself during the meeting and to meet with any interested 2C02 resident to discuss their concerns after the meeting.
    So if I am not able to introduce myself during the meeting I will remain afterwards to meet with all who would like to talk with me.

  3. Well, I went to the ANC meeting tonight at 5 and Q and I must say, what a waist of time. A small group monopolized the meeting in an effort to talk about how “new comers” to Shaw are trying to push the black residents out -not true.

    My favorite comment of the night came when one person stood up and said that “the kids don’t have a place to go because of gentrification” -ridiculous! If the kids don’t have a place to go it’s because the ANC reps are not doing their job!

    By the way, asking the kids to keep the music down after 1100 pm is not an attempt to change the culture of the neighborhood or the kids that live in it. Last I checked, playing music and throwing fireworks into the streets well past midnight is just rude in any culture.

    Shaw is a great place to live, and the unintelligible ramblings of the narrow minded few won’t change that.

  4. If anyone thinks that Mrs Betty Newell was being fair in her dismissive treatment of Mr Chapple during tonight’s meeting, then you are also blind to the fact that Leroy Thorpe (and friends) can only win with tricks and unfair maneuvers, like silencing the opposition. And that’s not the type of leadership we need in ANC 2C02 or the ECCA.

    For anyone wondering about certain neighborhood photography being nefarious, please go visit the Religious/Sites&Sounds tabs in the forum at And please educate Ms Newell & Co. who revel in ignorant bliss. These people will never see the light, because the light would show them for the race baiting sham artists they are. (And I’m African American and I clearly have an affinity for “chapels”).

    And, scottac, let’s call a truce. Why bother voting, buddy? I would cancel your vote anyway, I can convice my house not to vote in the ANC race, if your house doesn’t. If my dogs vote, it would be 3 to 2 anyway. I bet you a new hosta for the community garden at the school (or the tree space in front of your house — soon to be adorned with a Thorpe et. al iron frame and placard?) that Kevin Chapple wins this election. Fair enough?

  5. Ytrams, I fully agree with you. Kevin was treated poorly at our meeting too.
    Thankfully when Kevin gets into office the “race baiting sham artists” as you call them will be history. Thier time is coming to an end and they know it. That’s why they do the things they do.


    Just now, 10:29 pm, about five squad cars pulled up on the 1500 block of 5th Street to question two young men (African American, curfew age? not sure) walking along the street. It seems a little overkill, several officers including one African American female officer, for two kids making no apparent threat. But everyone knows the curfew is in full effect. The officers just let them go with no threat of physical harm or steryotypical bad cop behavior. I’m glad the cops are around and behaving themselves and helping others to do the same.

  7. Ytrams,

    A truce from what? Were you all the anonymous Kevin support posts?

    He’s going to win? How? Are you buying broadcast the last three weeks or putting it into mail? And are you seriosly betting me a plant? Whats up with these challenges anyway, when did inshaw become my fantasy football board?

    Did I lie about ECCA being interesting last night? I think I caught more of the wrath than Kev.

  8. Scotttac,

    The Commish know’s better than to directly attack an innocent like Kevin. And you and Kevin had much less stress at that meeting than I did.

    Btw, I’m just me, Ytrams (and Ytram and in some cases StnapYtrams). There are a lot of people who prefer not to get in Leroy’s face as you might imagine and with good reason. But as you saw from last night’s meeting, though it’s somewhat nerve wracking, I get some sort of sick pleasure out of it — if only to remind him and myself that I’m not one of his little b—- — yes wo/men(!). And by that I am by no means implying you, since you clearly have your own criticisms as well.

    Here’s the truce: We’re on opposing teams, but between you and me this race doesn’t need to be about race-baiting hysterical old women, or the young innocent and guilty black kids being mistreated and misrepresented by the big bad white folks (and me), or who actually works effectively to minimize criminal activity in the City, or who will be the best Commish for the diverse community that lives here.

    You and I are men of color and the election is not going to be decided by you or me, but everyone else. My house has 3 votes that Kevin would have all locked up; yours, 2. I bet Kevin has such an advantage this time around that he wont even need my 1 extra vote.

    I’d rather focus on things I can really have some influence over. In the end, if you think we can agree to withhold our house votes and shake on it, let’s just make this about making our neighborhood better — one plant at a time. Whether it be your tree box or the community garden which are out there for all to appreciate. Hostas are good hardy perrenials, they grow like weeds and yet have a nice blooming period, they tolerate extreme conditions, and are a nice symbol of endurance and fortitude in the worst situations.

    I was lucky not to grow up in the hood, and the eternal peace of mind that brings is something some of these kids are never going to know; so I’d like to try and make things just a little nicer for them.

    My friend “Pete” is a good man, a pillar of society. I think you must have caught him before he had his cup of joe for the day or something. If you’d like me to help smooth things out between the two of you, I will.

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