A meellyun dolla view

The condo on the corner of 5th and Q had an open house. A small band of us went to check it out. There are two large condos for sale. The first one covering the basement and the 1st floor is going for $920K and the second covering the 2nd through 4th floors for $1.2million. Yes, over a million dollars.
If you happen to have a mill laying about buy the top floor condo and let us be friends. I want to come over and hang out on your top deck. I’m a really nice person and so are you. Really. And not just saying this because you are a millionaire.
“Amazing”, “Impressive” and “Wow” were words I used often when we wandered through the still not finished building. The bottom unit had it’s exceptionally large rooms downstairs. It’s fine for people who don’t spend a lot of time in their bedrooms gazing out the window. The bathrooms. The half bath had this funky glassy bubbly tile that I just loved. The showers were big and luxurious. The upper unit was even better, far better, than the lower unit and the lower unit was impressive on it’s own. One of the bathrooms in the upper unit was so big, I think it was the size of my bedroom. Heck the bedroom was so big it was the size of my whole 1st floor. The kitchen was big and amazing with a stove that could feed a dozen or more people and a living area that could host maybe 50-75 people?
But the view on the top level…. The view. First thing I saw was the top of the Capitol dome. Would have seen the whole dome were it not for some trees. Also could see the National Cathedral, sort of, a few branches were a problem. But with out tree sight problems we could see Howard University Founder’s Hall, HU Hospital, McKinley Tech, the Basilica, Kenilworth Gardens, and a couple other buildings we couldn’t positively identify (is that Children’s Hospital? What’s that steeple to?).
I had a conversation with Ly who is in Real Estate about a property somewhere in Shaw selling for about a million. She mentioned how it really was a luxury building. The problem is that many slap the word “luxury” on many condos and houses, when it really means the expensive stuff from Home Depot or Expo or Lowes. This place, I couldn’t say where you would get many of the things in it. It is truly a special place.
IT pointed out one little fault of the place. The exterior doesn’t match the interior. The exterior is modern. The interior is traditional with lots of custom wood things. I didn’t care.
Okay. I think this is a rarity. It’s Spring so I’ll probably see more Real Estate Agents on Crackhouses, but this one is not one of them.

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  1. Mari…

    Did you hear that the white house on Q Street between 7th and Marion has a “sold” sign outside of it (the one next to the new construction/wall collapse). One of the neighbors told me that it was sold for over 1 mil and someone is developing condos there…

    During the same conversation they dropped a bomb. As of last week…there were over 40 (count them forty) condos within 5 blocks that were on the market for more than 30 days without a buyer (including a new “coming soon” development at the end of Marion…right behind the auto lot that we are all praying goes away soon).

    My point is…there could be 50 condos with a million dollar price tag…but will they sell? For purely selfish reasons…I hope they do (for the sake of my property value).

    Also, any pictures? I want to see!!!

  2. RE: The exterior of the house at 5th and Q not matching the interior. Thats because it was supposed to be all brick, but the mason never got paid for the first set of blocks at the bottom. I also was told by the contractor that two different NFL players looked at the house (sure they did, right after Brad and Angelina). I live on the block and love it, but ain’t now way I would pay a million to live there in an ugly green house, no matter how nice the steam shower looks. But

  3. I’ll probably have another one when they are completely done with the interior. Or next week. Check the Post or Ziprealty (if you have an account).

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