3 thoughts on “Pansies in shallow bowl”

  1. What are your opinions on overgardening, I don’t know exactly how many plants you do have but I do hope you are not one of those people that have so many plants that it takes away from the exterior of the house. I have seen a few houses in the area where it is blatantly apparent that horticulture has become some kind of freakish obsession. Are your plants all over the house or just mainly in the garden? I mean no offense just curious. I should add,however,you do appear to be a very talanted gardener.

  2. I remember visiting a friend of my then boyfriend in Nashville where the whole front yard was devoted to one plant or another with a big bannana tree in the middle. I thought it was wonderful. It was an Indian (from India) family of three generations in the bungelow and that front yard had some of the herbs and veggies that the mother and grandmother used in cooking. Someone passing by would say that yard was overgardened, because you couldn’t see the house for the yard, I would beg to differ.
    Besides, it’s their yard, only the power of a HOA can stop anyone from going all out with the plant life. And that reason number #512 why I dislike HOAs. What rule says that the exterior of the building is the point? There is one house on my block with the whole front window covered in roses. There are other houses in the city where the whole front is covered in some vine and you can’t make out the house underneath. The only thing wrong with that is the problem with agressive vines destroying the exterior. Provided a yard is not a haven for pests or a danger to health, it’s okay with me.
    All my plants in the rear are in pots. In winter when I’m not gardening it is a bare ugly slab of concrete. That’s the alternative. The front is still ‘becoming’. But I know it won’t be H&G pretty, especially with a few gangly tomato plants in the yard. But that’s not my thing. I’m not trying to fit into anyone else’s preceived notions of what a beautiful yard looks like. Some may find my yard ugly. That’s ok. I find some other people’s yards ugly too. We’re even.

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