His name is Flipper

Jimbo has finally posted his tirade about flippers and men who gut houses so they have something to brag about at JRs. What? You can actually hold a conversation in JRs? It’s loud and crowded.
Personally, I got no problem with folks who gut the house, if the house is in need of gutting. Actually, there should be a point system to house gutting stories. 10 points for simply gutting it. 50 points if you found something between the walls (in the ceiling, etc) that was from the time the house was built and you had to send it to a restorer to fix it. 60 points if you kept it in place and worked around it. 5 points if it was over budget. It is always overbudget. 100 points if it was on or under budget and on time. 20 points if you and your partner did the work yourself. 40 points if you did it solo. 30 points if crackheads kept breaking in and stealing stuff. 100 pity points if your contractor runs out on you AND/OR puts a lein on your property. 1 point for each day you spent covered in some layer of dust. ….and so on.

3 thoughts on “His name is Flipper”

  1. The whole purpose of gutting your house is to bore people at cocktail parties with the lengthy stories of your gutting trials and tribulations. The gutting story usuall comes with such plot points as: having to live out of your kitchen and only using a microwave, contractor always late, and so on.

    All such stories being incredibly boring to renters. I usually find an excuse to go back to the punch bowl right quick when I start hearing real estate stories. Zzzzz….

  2. I know someone who is slowly renovating an investment property in downtown Baltimore. Their most recent project was to put in all new copper pipes. Well, during the week when no one was there, someone broke in and cut out all the new pipes. That gives a whole new meaning to “hitting the pipe,” eh?

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