Will the owner of DC tag #BY 1881….

Pick up your gas guzzling red Ford SUV because on my way home I found 3 teenagers rifling through your glove compartment. Of course that was easy for them as your driver’s side window has been busted out since Monday morning. And the ticket on the ground I found says your vehicle has been there since Friday morning. Oh and you owe DC $50 for not having a license plate on your front (citation #347431733).
I have called the police and the mayor’s call center. Hopefully they will tow your truck away. Those poor widdle children could have cut themselves on all that broken glass.
I was going to go on a tirade about the morals of kids today and wondering why would kids take stuff (they said they were taking change) from a car that isn’t theirs, but why bother.


Well Jimbo and I decided to meet up at Duffy’s Irish Restaurant and Pub for a little happy hour grub and wandered into a Guinness promotion. It would have been more enjoyable if I actually liked the taste of beer. Completely wasted on me. What wasn’t wasted was the beef and cabbage. I really liked it. The cabbage was not overcooked and the beef sliced thin. There were some other ingredients like carrots and potato, but I’m not a carrot person.
But what I really wanted was the fish and chips. Big fries and slightly salty cod. I think that’s the way it should be. I’m not sure because for all the times I’ve gone to the British Isles, I never felt a need to grab fish and chips, I always go for the curry. But it was good and the Happy Hour price was about $6 for this big plate of food. Jim didn’t even finish his plate. Maybe it was the big glass of Guinness, and the little tasting glasses of stout, lager and ale that did him in.
Decor wise, Jimbo noticed a lack of permanency. There were a few Harp things on the wall, the ceiling tiles were white, and it was well lit. Maybe, in time, the place will develop character. Hopefully, whomever is going to move into the condos (Floridian, Rhapsody?) near by will make it their place and determine the character. My snipe regarding the place, to be fair I apply to almost all “Irish” pubs in the city, as being fake Irish pubs. To me, what makes an Irish pub Irish? Irish people. And maybe a guy playing traditional Irish music.
But as a restaurant meeting place goes, it looks good and the food (well fish, chips, beef & cabbage) is good too.

Scoop II

Well a little birdie told me that in about a month or so Dave’s on NJ and R ST NW will be no more. Hopefully something good will go in. Maybe a coffeeshop, maybe a cafe, something with sidewalk seating (oh to better watch the dealers on the corner)? Who knows, but one thing, Dave’s go bye-bye soon. Get your carry out while you can.