If you have 1/2 a mil

You could buy a house in Shaw.
First, is 1417 1st St NW in the TC. $500K, four bedrooms, two baths near red line metro, 395 for those quick escapes to Virginie, and possibly one of the problem houses. We don’t know. (‘Cause Truxtionan was all like “hey look.” And I’m all like, “you wanna post it?” and he’s like “nah, busy.”) Requires work. $500K and still needs work. People of 1st street, what do you know?

Instead of the TC you could for $70,000 more blow your cash on 1910 Vermont Ave, in the U Street area of Shaw, the former home of opera star Lilian Evanti. It is in the National Registry of Historic Places. It is three bedrooms, one full bath and one half bath and a heck of a lot closer to the metro than 1417 1st to one. Anyway it boasts of original details, generous rooms, and a 1990s kitchen and bath. But really is it worth $70k more than a non-descript house, in a non-historic district with 1 bed and .5 baths more in Truxton? We will see in time.

Passing the hat for NJ Ave house collapse

From the Mt. Vernon Square Listserv:

The MVSNA board will propose to the membership at the meeting tonight [5/16] that the association pledge $500 to help, and we will seek matching donations from neighbors. Thanks to those who already made pledges through this listserve. Donations can be made to the Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association and given to Jeff Parke, our treasurer, at the meeting tonight, or mailed to Mount Vernon Square Neighborhood Association, P.O. Box 50526, Washington, D.C. 20091-0526. Just note “NJ Ave Donation” on the memo line and 100% of your donation will be passed on as part of the MVSNA gift. I am in the process of tracking down the woman who lived there.

If you own a black and white cat….

…don’t move into this neighborhood. More particularly, don’t move into Northern Truxton Circle. So yesterday I go out back to get my garbage can to bring to the front (because if you haven’t gotten the 10 zillion e-mails from Jim Berry reminding you that Wednesday is the new trash day, today, trash day) when I find 4 puffy little kittens on my doorstep. They were feral kitties, because one of the little guys hissed at me. If trapped, and spayed and neutered, they might be able to be adopted and turned into fat lazy house cats. I was describing this to the cat people of Square 507 and started off with, “they are black and white…” Yeah. Stop right there. Most of the feral cats around here are black and white. It is like a rule that you can’t be a cat unless you are black and white. So, I really should have known better with describing them as black and white, which is as descriptive as “cat with a tail.”
Sometime back someone lost their black and white house cat and put up signs. Sadly, it was a black and white cat. The difference between that cat and the NoTC colony, it was fatter. But with the cat people feeding the alley cats, fat is sort of relative.