Big Bear and a tea rant

Before anyone whines that they didn’t see me there, oh, I was there. I ventured into the Corcoran Design Presentations opening of the bear that is big looked around and ventured over to ‘the house of tea and dirty laundry’ and hung out over there. Then went back to a much more crowded Big Bear and hid upstairs with Scott Roberts.
Before I ran out, the first time, I got stopped by the Bear’s Stu and was asked about coffee. I know nothing of coffee. I know it comes in cans, people buy complicated and expensive versions of it, and it can be expensive. However, I don’t drink the stuff. I’m a tea person. So I was asked about tea. Lipton. At least have Lipton. I hate it when I go to a nice restaurant and they have this excellent chocolate dessert but the only tea they have is some herbal stuff (not really tea) or Earl Gray. Earl Gray’s bergmont oil can be overpowering so it is not a tea I drink with milk or anything else. A problem I find is that Earl Grey is my only black tea choice. Lipton people. Lipton. At the least have it, in the back gathering dust. I’d rather have it than a fresh Earl Grey. Add cream, sugar, I’m good. Then I started talking about the kinds of teas I have. There are a few assams, that makes for a nice rich English Breakfast tea. Then there is darjeeling and a bunch of green teas, as well as herbal infusions. You can do a lot with tea. Maybe that’s why I love Teaism so much.
With a packet of Liptons and a bunch of coffee Big Bear could have the makings of a great little neighborhood hangout. Unfortunately, I needed a little bit more light to read the presentation materials (which is why I headed to the House of Tea & Dirty Laundry). I liked the design of ‘1700’ the jazz club, not so much the idea. I like jazz but only of a certain era, and these days the only time I go out for jazz is when I can dance to it. Also one has the consider the noise level (inside and out) for the surrounding residences. I liked any sort of coffeehouse idea. If just a coffeehouse, it would be bigger than Windows (and easier for me to get to) even if only the first floor was in use. The corner space may allow for some outdoor seating as the sidewalk is big enough.