I live on a wonderful block

One of the neighbors threw a fantastic Cinco de Mayo party where a few neighbors and their kids showed up. 10 points for the baby who slept through it all. She was so quiet (ie asleep) that it was easy to forget that, oh yeah, there is a baby in the corner. But 100 points to the hostess for planning and doing all that she does, it is great having a neighborly party person on your block.
Once again it was an opportunity for those who have not seen K&M’s renovation to see how one could add a lot of space to these teeny rowhouses. They did a wonderful job, as for 2 years they lived in a construction zone. Their neighbor saw how much space the renovation added that she also had work done on hers, with the help of M & our neighborhood handiman Lem, who was also there. Of course, it didn’t take 2 years. It helps to move out for renovations.
So a lot of us neighbors there, comparing notes and getting to know each other. The problem when you live on one end of the block, you really don’t know the people on the other end real well. Also depends on if you are out in your yard, doing any sort of renovations, and the like, presenting opportunities to interact with your neighbors. Lucky, there are several of us on the block that are geared towards beautifying our yards and treeboxes so several of us are out.
Now you too could join this happy band of citizens, once you get a certain real estate agent off crack. There is a house on the block, 1620 4th St NW (MLS DC5580335)up for sale. On the small house side of the block for $420K. $350K maybe, but $420K? I’ve been inside that house. Yeah, it was renovated in 2003. Yeah. If you want more information you are going to have to email me.
Yes, the block is not like Dupont or Foggy Bottom (where $420K for a tiny townhouse would make sense) or any other tony neighborhood. But the negatives are offset by many of the positives. And some of those positives are the other people who inhabit your block.