FOR SALE in the BACA part of the TC

Just looking at what’s up for sale:
301 R St NW 700K (actually 699,900 but I’m rounding up). 4/2 Selling as-is. It is a big corner lot and needs work. I mean you could live there while putting in a lot of swear (I mean *sweat*) equity but it would be crack house living.

1417 1st St NW 500K. 4/2 Make the residents of 1st happy and be their neighbor.

1542 1st St NW 600K. 3/4 Ditto. But 600K seems like a lot. Maybe turn one of those bathrooms into a really small bedroom. Well it’s got a basement.

1620 4th St NW 400K. 2/1.5 Price reduced. Probably would help matters if the owner spiffied up the yard. Removed the old mail, paint, oh I don’t know, make it look like it was maintained….

76 P St NW 639K. 4/3.5 Says you can park in the rear.

51 P St NW 469K. 3/2.5 On the market 90some days.

1506 1st NW 469K. 2/1 Says it has been renovated. But really that much for just 2 bedrooms and a bath! ‘Come on, throw in 1/2 a bath.

59 Bates St NW 566K. 4/2.5 On the market for over 100 days. Price reduced several times. Was 700K. Try. Not. To Make. Crack. Comment.

58 Bates St NW 420K. 4/2 Live across the street instead. Also on the market over 100 days. At least it is priced a *bit* better. Selling as-is.

110 Bates St NW 425K. 2/2 Does not have that cool “Bates Street” 2nd floor thing jutting out.

218 Q St NW 500K. 4/2 Says it is a new renovation. And it does have the “Bates Street” 2nd floor thingy.

1410 3rd St NW 389K. 3/1. Estate Sale. So that means as-is.