Shots on the block

I’m more annoyed than scared.
Around maybe 8 something somebody decided to do a drive by. I know because I heard very loud-loud shots and a vehicle speeding by. I was just about to go out and do a little more work in the yard by street light when I heard the shots. Once it registered in my head what had happened I called the cops and opened the door. The thing brought out a lot of neighbors, yeah we’re not the type to stay inside.
The police response was incredible. About a minute or two after I had called, I saw a cop car someone had intercepted. About a few minutes after that, another patrol car and another, and a helicopter. Yes, a helicopter. How did a helicopter get out here so fast?
As several bunches of us were standing around trying to piece together what the hell happend someone began to wonder, “where’s the amubulance?” About two minutes after that statement, a firetruck comes.
The police had blocked of the street and were there for a good long while. Like a hour and a half, if not 2. I have no clue about the state of the victim and I know I should be happy that the police are taking this so seriously and putting in the work. As opposed to what we are sometimes resigned to think, that you hear the shots, you call the cops, and you wait and nothing happens. Really what we need is a walking the sidewalks beat cop. But that’s another rant, for another day.