Fenty for mayor google ad?

I was over at DCist looking at their manual labor mayor post and noticed up top a Google Ad for Adrian Fenty’s mayoral campaign. Fenty has not only taken up many a lawnspace, because those green signs are popping up like mushrooms in parts of Ward 5, but he’s taken up ad space. I’ve pondered Google ads. But given that I wouldn’t be able to choose which individual ads show up on my site, I’ve been wary about adding ads. I don’t know if I would want a Fenty or Orange or Johns ad popping up on my site.

One thought on “Fenty for mayor google ad?”

  1. Adsense has some sort of filter that enables the site owner to block certain ads. I’ve never used it so I’m not sure exactly how ads are blocked (by site, by keyword, by company, etc) nor how effective it is (Google says it can take a few hours after setting them up for them to kick in).

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