Mouse problems, possible solutions

Once again. I have a mouse. I probably have mice.
I am forced to action because I have seen said mouse and not just his little mousy presents he leaves. My cousin who visited this weekend saw the mouse. I was absolutely embarrassed.
The mouse has been running around my house via the walls, along the pipes. I believe the mouse has been using the radiator pipes to get from one room to another as those are the only holes (that I know of) and the mouse has usually been spotted over by the radiators.
Armed with expanding foam in a can and steel wool I hope to make my house not hospitable to mice. It would help also if I could “rent” someone’s cat for a day or a week, just to get that eau de kitty in the house. Anywho I grabbed some soft expanding foam because the hard stuff is a huge pain to remove. In the basement I put some foam in the gap between the floor and the pipes. Upstairs, I stuffed steel wool around the pipes and behind the radiator. I’ve been told that mice don’t like steel wool. Well only time will tell if that is true.

7 thoughts on “Mouse problems, possible solutions”

  1. Ugh! Me too. AND it’s so bad when a guest sees it (like when my dad pointed out our mouse). I swear I’m so clean and make it bi-weekly habit to get behind the refrigerator and oven because these mice have me paranoid. I can go for months without seeing evidence of one and then when I have a guest, one will run past just to embarrass me. Good luck blocking yours!

  2. This is gonna sound weird, but this makes me soooo glad I have roaches.

    Cause mice scare me.

  3. Roaches, I don’t know. At least they wouldn’t escape the *&*#@! glue traps. I’ve caught some small bugs in the glue traps. Fruit flies and what not. The only mice I’ve caught in the glue traps was one tiny one and a live mouse that got half of its body off the trap. I had to stuff him in a yogurt tub. I didn’t want him to escape. If I knew any snake people I would have given him to them.

  4. We’ve had 3 mice that we know of in the last 9 months or so, but we don’t even know they’re there till they’ve become cat toys. (Usually our 2 cats get so worn out from the excitement they sleep for the whole next day.)

    I’d be happy to lend you a cat for a day or two, though to be honest it’s not fun disposing of an expired mouse that may have been batted around on your carpet for hours while you were at work… – Adam

  5. Count your blessings. I’ve been in the neighborhood for 6 years, and twice (TWICE!) I’ve had rats under my sink.

    It’s really not about cleanliness. Rodents go anywhere they can (and rats can get into tiny cracks you’d never believe). Both times I had professionals come in and supposedly block all the access points. It didn’t stop them the first time and I have a sinking feeling the second time isn’t going to last forever…

  6. Adam,
    I would take you up pn your offer since a cat carrier might not be needed since you are so close. I’m fine with a battered dead mouse on the floor, better dead than freaking out guests.

  7. We have had mice problems as well and borrowed a friend’s cat for a week. Afterwards, went to home depot and bought a few of these high-pitched electronic plug-in things (about $6) that are supposed to keep bugs and mice away. Haven’t seen any in a while but not sure if it’s the cat, the devices or the little bastards are just hiding better. Good luck!

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