New crackho or crackhead?

I’ve seen her a couple of days now. She’s new. Can’t miss her. Big white t-shirt, red leggings, sneakers, b-ball cap and super skinny. “Dang girl which concentration camp did you escape from?” skinny. I want to force feed her a whole super value meal. She doesn’t look healthy. I gather she’s been accepting some help from the Korean church since she hovers around their building.
But the question is, crackhead or crackho? She lacks the bad posture of your hardworking crackho. Yet she is thin enough to be your run of the mill crackhead or famine victim. Any guesses?

4 thoughts on “New crackho or crackhead?”

  1. I’ll ask Karl if that’s “crackwhore annie”. He’s seen her turning alot of tricks lately, so maybe she bought herself a new outfit. The old one was denim mini skirt and soiled “white” t-shirt.

  2. This is a different crackho than the one I saw one early morning. Red legging crackho makes denim skirt crackho look fat. Really she’s THAT skinny. Also she’s yellow/jaundiced toned. Denim skirt was brown.

  3. Okay doesn’t anyone read the comment policy? No anon comments. I’m closing off the comments for this post, but leaving this one up simply because, really if you don’t like the blog don’t read this blog.

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