Liquor Store or Band Practice

You can’t both run a liquor store and do band practice.
I know I said I wasn’t going to walk into the closest liquor store on 4th, but I was way too lazy to cross Florida Ave to get to Bloomingdale Liquors on 1st. I did struggle with getting on the bike and dragging my butt over to Bloomingdale or checking out Modern Liquors. All so I can try to make a mojito. ‘Cause I got all this dang mint growing in the yard and I’m getting sick of mint tea. I got mint, but no light rum. So that meant a trip to the liquor store.
All I needed was a little light rum. Any liquor store, no matter how ghetto or run down or shot up should have light rum. So I went to the store on 4th.
Before I railed against stores that are nothing but a foyer and bulletproof glass. I see I was right for another reason. I walk in and there is no one behind the glass.
No one.
Then I hear the clicking of drum sticks and a drum. A rock/funk/? band starts playing somewhere in a back room. I decide it is not worth it and head back home. I’ll go out and get rum when I’m up to going over to 14th or 9th.
I guess if everything is behind glass, there is nothing to steal, so you can ignore the store. And if you can ignore the store then you can have band practice.

3 thoughts on “Liquor Store or Band Practice”

  1. I am somehow comforted by the knowledge that my likka stow service workers are adept at percussion.

  2. You’ll love modern liquors. Cool place, once they buss you in. And great cheese from some atrtisan cheesmaker in alexandria.

  3. I know this isn’t Truxton, but I have discovered booze nirvana…that liquor store in cleveland park, right on the strip that ardeo, the pizza place, etc. are in. we went there last weekend…insane selection, good prices (great if you shop the specials…6 pack of Dinkelacker beer for $4.99), and best of all…no bulletproof glass or crackheads.

    that’s where I’m going from now on.

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