Administrative: Changes starting in August

Last year I began posting about 5 days a week and kept up the posting pace for a year. Now, I’m finding it a tad bit harder to come up with things to write on a near daily basis and there are some other projects I would like to devote my time to. So I’m going to reduce my postings to 3 times a week, particularly Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I might post Tuesdays and Thursdays, but I’m going to treat them like my Saturdays and Sundays, where I post when I really, really, have something to say.
Last year in August I had an average of 42 visits a day using up 31MG a month, this July it was an average of 450 daily visits using 701MG. At 1 gig my server starts charging me $5 more. I like you guys but I don’t make any money from this and as I’ve said many times, I’m cheap. So posting 3x a week is also a internet traffic calming/reducing strategy.
Fear not, I’m not going anywhere. Neither are the crackheads, the dealers, the bad section 8’ers, and horrid suburbanites who come in to trash the hood. As long as there are those folks, as well as the slow changes of a gentrifying neighborhood, I’ll write about them.

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  1. Mari, I don’t live in your neighborhood but thoroughly enjoy your blog. Thanks for sharing your ruminations with us all.

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