Friday Misc pt 2

Now I remember that other thing, Painted Hand Farm, which has a booth at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market got a write up in the Wednesday Food section (hey at least something survived the revamp). The article “Veal, cast in a kinder light,” by Jane Black mainly talks about another farmer, but Sandy Miller gets some mention and a photo with two male calves. Also at her stall at the BFM she sells her neighbor’s Keswick cheeses and pudding. As the weather cools I’ll be making veal stock and I’ll be needing Painted Hand’s bones.

Friday Misc

Working on Waltha
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Good morning. As you can see it appears things are just chugging along at the Waltha T. Daniel-Shaw library. Sparks a flying, cranes and trucks blocking traffic, good stuff.
A few blocks over at 7th and Q is the location of the Warrenton Group, (apparently spelled with and ‘e’, occasionally spelled Warranton with an ‘a’) which according to DC Mud is joining developer William C. Smith and Co. to rebuild the Sursum Corda Area aka Northwest One. Problem is, as far as some of us can tell the Warrenton Group is a fake front, as they have been awarded million dollar contracts but haven’t built shyte. They own shyte, but haven’t built or developed anything so far that one can point to. Unless someone out there knows something that we can go look at, besides the senior wreck center that is the shuttered liquor store at 7th and Q.
On a personal note this week I discovered the importance of a dehumidifier when my cellar flooded with 4 inches of water.
Lastly, sort of because I swear I meant to write something else, trick or treaters. As common on my street, we give out candy to small people who knock on our door. I’m guessing the prime time will be 5-7pm, because around 7:30-8 the sullen teens knock on the door and that’s when I turn off all the lights and hide in the rear of the house, or go over to someone else’s house. So check with your neighbors if you’re new since last year and join in the custom.

The Life You Plan to Lead & the City

On another blog, long, long ago, like a couple of weeks, on the topic of crime and neighborhood safety someone had mentioned safety relative to lifestyle. That got me thinking about how some of my neighbors live and how certain aspects of crime doesn’t really apply to them. They don’t use metro, the most they walk is a block or two in the daytime, like most of us they have window bars, and they don’t leave stuff in their cars. Yet the central location of the neighborhood works for them in their careers. Living in a transitional neighborhood comes with a load of negatives but the positives that tend to outweigh those, and there are the parts that strengthen and promote the type of life we plan to live, and the people we want to be.
For myself, I wanted to be a homeowner who lived close to work and someone who wouldn’t need a car. I looked for an affordable, walkable (because I have no car) community along the green line. Being aware of the financial limitations of my profession, affordable was key. And in 2000-2001 when I bought, there were houses going from $80-150K that needed a little or a lot of fixing, it was affordable for the expensive walkability that I needed. Expensive, emotionally because I have to be aware of my surroundings and I walk by depressing situations. It is a price on my mental health I am willing to pay as the dividends of running into neighbors and discovering neighborhood gems compensate. The green line is important to me so I can go to Archives/Navy or West Hyattsville or College Park or PG Plaza or Greenbelt and I can see the people I want to see and do the work I love to do.
But enough about me, who do you want to be and the life you want to live.

Retail Job Opps in Ward 5

Job Opportunity Fair

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
10 am—12 noon
Franklin Street Career Center
1500 Franklin Street, NE

New Store Location:
RI Ave Shopping Center,
4th Street & Rhode Island Ave, NE

Recruiting for:
Floor Sales Associates
Receiving Clerks

Sponsored by:
Ward 5 Councilmember Harry “Tommy” Thomas, Jr.,ANCs 5A, 5B, and 5C, and DOES
For more information, call Nicola Lane at 2/698.6270

Monday Miscellany

On the 22nd I and the Help went to Longview’s gallery opening. SPACE! would be the new theme for this place. The previous 9th St version was a nice little store front, but it was too small for events. This new puppy is huge. Huge I say. They should be able to host other events that bring in over 100 people, as opposed to the 20 in the old location. Regarding the art, the Help and I pondered “Making Up Jesus,” and some photo-realist paintings. Also while there I learned a valuable lesson about grabbing the caterer’s wait staff and getting food. The catered bites were wonderful (except the curry pear soup).

Let me get this one out of the way, shootings. Over the past week there have been a couple of shootings in the places where I walk and I have no idea what’s up with that. From this regarding 8th & R (R St exit for Shaw metro):

On Oct 23, 2009, at 9:58 PM, Kucik, George (MPD) wrote:
There were gunshots fired tonight but nobody was hit. Despite uniformed officers in the area the suspect escaped. In the area of 5th and O, 7th and O and 8th and R I have uniformed officers and about 20 tactical officers king. They have been in the areas for the past 2 nights and are there tonight. In the past 2 days they have
made more than 20 arrests to include 4 arrests for subjects carrying guns. We will continue to flood the areas.

And then last weeks shooting, around 7th and N (?), and 8th and S.

Scott Montgomery is having an auction today. Check it out at

Bread for the City’s Food for All thing got rained out. But hey read about there great gleaning program with broccoli.

Lastly my cousin, who will be helping me with the on again, off again census of Truxton 1900-1930 (or 1940 depending) project has an appeal.

GLN is competing for a $10k grant! Please support us! All we request is a minute of your time to vote for us and help us win $10k! Our scheduling costs have doubled and we need this grant to be able to offer classes in the Spring.

Click below and vote for us today to win the first sprint! (You have to create an account and sign in with your e-mail, but don’t worry, nobody will spam you. Ideablob requires that you create an account to make sure that only ‘real people’ are participating in the contest, and that there are no frauds). Help us reach the finals and remember to vote for us again next week when it really counts!

…and your little dog too

Sometime back while walking down R Street I encountered a little white dog off a leash. I wonder if it is the same dog that has been menacing students as reported yesterday on the listservs.

This morning, around 8am, one of the staff at Scott Montgomery ES informed me that one of her students, while coming to school, was chased by a small long-haired white dog. I alerted 911. I was in class and apparently out of cell phone range in the school when MPD responded, so I didn’t speak to the officer immediately. Around 9am, I was told by the officer in a scout car positioned at 5th and O St that she responded and drove around the block looking for the dog and then went back to her fixed post.
I spoke to other students this morning and was informed by several of them that this particular off leash dog is a constant repeated. Since there are many young students who might potentially feel threatened by such an experience.

Keep your puppies leashed.

Ten Days of Truxtun- Fake French War

Day 9. Friendships are funny things, particularly between nations. France was our ally in the Revolutionary War and our revolution inspired the French Revolution, well the revolution part not so much the beheading and turn the world upside down part. Anyway America made peace with Great Britain and in regards to the war between Britain and revolutionary France, the French turned on the Americans. Not officially though, they just sent privateers after American ships. Thus the fake war.
In 1799 (as far as I can tell) Captain Thomas Truxtun had some significant victories over the French. One was the capture of L’Insurgente, which was one of France’s fastest frigates. The other was the severe damage of La Vengeance, a much heavier ship that was bigger and had more firepower that Truxtun’s Constellation. Truxtun’s newfangled ideas about discipline and naval training is credited to his victories.

Mo Thai?

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Thai X-ing, but most of the time I lack the forethought to get my order in early enough before Taw gets too busy and stops taking new orders. So I turn to Royal Thai or Kanlaya in Gallery Place as both places deliver to my hood. Anyway quickly looking at the CCCA Agenda for October 27, I see something interesting.

Ralph Brabham will speak on behalf of the restaurateur planning to open Beau Thai, a new Shaw restaurant with outdoor seating on the 400 block of R St NW

However, isn’t there an apartment under that proposed restuarant?

Ward 5 H1N1 for children and pregnant women

Greetings the following scheduled has been set by the DC Department of
Health for selected persons to receive the H1Ni Vaccine in Ward 5.

Robert Vinson Brannum

Chairman, 5th District Citizens’ Advisory Council, Inc. –

H1N1 Vaccine Clinic Schedule for Youth and Pregnant Women

McKinley Tech Senior High School (W5)

Saturday October 24

8:00am- 4:00pm

McKinley Tech Senior High School (W5)

Saturday October 31

8:00am- 4:00pm

McKinley Tech Senior High School (W5)

Thursday November 5


McKinley Tech Senior High School (W5)

Tuesday November 10



Well Corduroy, Cork and Etete are Shaw (or close enough) area restaurants that made it onto Tom Sietsema’s Top Restaurant Recommendation list.

Bread for the City is launching a blog, and having a launch party. It’s going to be at the Big Bear Cafe on Oct. 24th at 5pm. See more info here.

Yes, kids trick or treat here. Buy candy what you don’t give to kids, dump at your office and feed to the hungry interns. See past posts on the topic of trick or treating here and here and here.

In the sad tale of apparently two nice guys, one a homeowner the other a contractor, Stu Davenport, good guy AND competent contractor steps in and saves the day. Stu is also a 5C ANC commissioner and co-owner of Big Bear.
The horror story told in the Washington City Paper’s blog The Housing Complex reminds us that if you are having major work done, don’t expect DCRA to protect you. If you’re paying over 10K for some guy to rip up your house it is on you to take a look at his previous work and talk at least 2 or 3 of his most recent clients. I do remember talking to David’s clients, and he’d done work for some friends of mine whose house I admired. It’s great if a contractor is nice and well meaning but you really need to check that he knows what the heck he’s doing.