Can I boycott a place I’d probably never get to

Some of ya’ll are aware of the kerfuffle regarding U Street Girl and the owner of a wine bar threatened legal action. She has recommended that others join her in not patronizing or promoting the 14th Street business. Okay.
I totally agree on principle, but honestly I haven’t even gotten to the wine bars I actually want to go to, like Cork, so I don’t know what use that would be. Also as a fan of redemption and forgiveness I hope that the owner of Du Vin Osteria, David Shott, will make an honest effort to undo the damage done.

Hopefully, we’ll have none of that in nearby (to me) Bloomingdale. Tonight there is going to be an open house Q&A for a proposed bar/pub/wateringhole at 116 Rhode Island Ave NW between 6 and 8pm. I guess it would be a good place to unwind after some yoga ’round the corner. Seriously, I’m looking forward to the development, growth and appearances of all the small businesses in the Bloomingdale and eastern Shaw area.

News from other blogs or Friday Misc.

Over in Bloomingdale The Yoga District is having a mommy & me, but with a more inclusive title of Family Yoga and Community Playtime.

The Great Scott Roberts also mentioned some tasty info he got from a Bloomingdale restaurant hopefully to come at NJ & R. According to WashBiz Journal, Beau Thai, a carry out, is due to open in March, hopefully, maybe, fingers crossed.
Speaking of restaurants on R, anyone know what’s going on with 6th and R for the proposed Toque Cafe? I’ve noticed a change of windows and the application of paper over the windows, so I hope there is something good going on behind the paper.

Over here in the TC, the BACA blog tells that there will be a grand opening of the Eckstine and Ellington Theatre at the Dorothy I Height Community Academy Public Charter Schools (CAPCS)school, also known as Armstrong, this weekend.
have a great weekend y’all.

Reminder- Martin’s Fundaraiser TONIGHT

I don’t know about you but federal holidays and snow days screw up the schedule I keep in my head. So this is a reminder for me (and you too), that tonight is the fundraiser for neighborhood activist dude, Martin Moulton, who has been legally hounded by neighborhood activist/tyrant LeRoy Thorpe. Anyway, Longview Gallery from 6-8, bring your checkbooks.

Support Martin Fundraiser

As some of you are aware Martin Moulton, CCCA prez, and involved citizen, was dragged into court under hyped up allegations by Mr. Leroy Thorpe, as part of Thorpe’s on going efforts to silence his challengers. No matter how innocent you are, lawyers still cost money, and so the Long View Gallery is hosting a fundraiser, where 100% of monies raised will go to pay for Martin’s legal fees. Anyway here’s the info, hope to see y’all there.

Meet your neighbors and help Martin Moulton

Tuesday, January 19
6 p.m. – 8 p.m.

Long View Gallery
1234 Ninth Street NW

Friends and supporters of Shaw neighborhood activist and leader Martin Moulton are coming together to help raise funds to pay Martin’s legal fees, helping him defend against recent legal actions taken by Leroy Thorpe. Here’s a link to recent developments or you can review the official legal docket (Case No. 09 CA 007215) by searching “Leroy Thorpe” here.

Please make checks payable to “Harmon Curran” (the law firm representing Martin) and include “Martin Moulton Legal Fees” on the note line at the bottom of your check. Let us know if you prefer to use a credit card so we can process your contribution without incurring transaction fees.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope you will join us.

Host Committee (in formation): Kari and Jason Beard, Ralph Brabham and Drew Porterfield, Frances Evangelista, Mike Gormley, Miles E. Groves, Suzi Molak, The Hon. Alex Padro, Cary Silverman, Stephanie Slewka, Charles Walker, William Waybourn, Deborah Ziska

Please phone 202.518.2453 for more information or RSVP to by January 16th.

Friday Misc

Working on Waltha
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

Good morning. As you can see it appears things are just chugging along at the Waltha T. Daniel-Shaw library. Sparks a flying, cranes and trucks blocking traffic, good stuff.
A few blocks over at 7th and Q is the location of the Warrenton Group, (apparently spelled with and ‘e’, occasionally spelled Warranton with an ‘a’) which according to DC Mud is joining developer William C. Smith and Co. to rebuild the Sursum Corda Area aka Northwest One. Problem is, as far as some of us can tell the Warrenton Group is a fake front, as they have been awarded million dollar contracts but haven’t built shyte. They own shyte, but haven’t built or developed anything so far that one can point to. Unless someone out there knows something that we can go look at, besides the senior wreck center that is the shuttered liquor store at 7th and Q.
On a personal note this week I discovered the importance of a dehumidifier when my cellar flooded with 4 inches of water.
Lastly, sort of because I swear I meant to write something else, trick or treaters. As common on my street, we give out candy to small people who knock on our door. I’m guessing the prime time will be 5-7pm, because around 7:30-8 the sullen teens knock on the door and that’s when I turn off all the lights and hide in the rear of the house, or go over to someone else’s house. So check with your neighbors if you’re new since last year and join in the custom.

Mt. Sinai missions

On Saturday I got a flier advertising the Mt. Sinai Baptist Church Nurses’ Ministry’s Church and Community Health Fair. What I really wanted to do Saturday was ask questions of what I’m assuming is some clothing ministry that was out on the corner of 3rd and Q that day. But I was running errands and trying to catch buses so that didn’t happen.
If you haven’t seen them or ever walked by that corner when they are out, every so often (it seems monthly or quarterly) on a Saturday there will be free clothing offered. The couple of times I’ve passed there have been people fingering through the racks of clothes. When I walked by this weekend there were “gently used” (got that phrase from EBay) women’s and children’s shoes. There were children’s clothing as well as adult clothing. And then there is the big chalkboard saying “Free Clothes” just so it is clear of what’ going on and offered.
The flier I got is for free health screenings and some shots & tests that are to occur on the 26th from 10AM to 3PM. The screenings are for prostate cancer, glucose (for diabetes, body fats or lipids), and blood pressure. The tests are for HIV, urine, and hearing. The shots are for the flu and tetanus. This is to occur in their lower auditorium. I’m guessing that’s the same area where we have the BACA meetings.
For more information I gather one would contact Mt. Sinai and their office # is 2/ 667-1833.

Couple of weekend things

Several communities near and in Shaw will be having clean ups. In the Truxton part of Shaw on the 22nd is the Bates Area Clean Up to take place between 10AM and 1PM. One may gather at 1st and P. Now the thing about this clean up is you can join a group and clean up, over at 1st and P and work your way from that point. Or you can clean up your own street, sidewalk, front yard, whatever. The idea is to clean up and beautify the neighborhood.
From Anita:

Dear Neighbors,
This is a friendly reminder that our individual undivided attention is needed in front of our homes, the sidewalks, curbs and gutter, alleyways, treeboxes and flower gardens. Additionally, we can do “first-hand observation about the appearance and safety features requiring service in our community” — areas missing grass, broken sidewalks, overrun tree boxes, inoperative fire hydrants, etc. Lets join together in the Neighborhood Clean up by giving whatever amount of time you can spare to helping to keep our community clean, safe and a great place to live for all.

Since I had mentioned canning this week and since I have a novice’s idea of what I’m doing, may I suggest the canning lecture at the Historical Society (801 K Street, NW) at 1PM (yeah you can do it right after cleaning the community). Specifically it’s called Family Urban Gardening: Cooking & Preserving Summer Bounties.

Bundy stuff

First the bad from Mr. Moulton:

Dear Ms Choke,

With a shooting in broad daylight yesterday afternoon, in DPR’s park within yards of the Bundy School (future home of Safe Shores) on O Street NW, hundreds of local residents hope your office will consider public safety when making a final determination of parking options for Bundy School tenants in the next few days. A police report from the Third District MPD is copied below.

As you know, many residents in our community are happy to share the responsibility for working collaboratively with our local MPD officials to make our community as safe as possible and enliven dead zones around our homes for the sake of our families and children as well as those who will receive necessary services at Safe Shores.

Will OPM be sound proofing the windows at Bundy School?

Daily Crime Report – 3D
Thu Aug 6, 2009 10:00 am

PSA: 308
CCN: 09110947
RPT DATE: Aug 05, 2009
OFFENSE: ADW – Assault With A Deadly Weapon
START DT: 08/05/2009
START TM: 14:42:00

Hopefully there will be the staffing necessary around after this fiscal year is over to address this. At the BACA meeting the OPM rep tried to make the audience understand that the office is cutting about 9 (if I remember right) positions and that has consequences.

Good news also from Mr. Moulton of CCCA or an event announcement that there will be a Jazz on the Green event at Bundy Park August 21st at 6:30 with a Brazilian jazz ensemble. See more here (PDF). It is great that groups and individuals are putting on outdoor arts events around the neighborhood. The First on First, over in Bloomingdale was a blast. Hopefully this will be a fun little event.

Tonight! The Big Bundy Meeting

The image shown is a suggestion posted by a Mr. E. Smith where there is parking close to the Bundy building and a greenspace on the P Street side. I like it.
The meeting regarding the proposed parking lot is tonight (July 9, 2009) at 7pm at the Scott Montgomery Elementary School (421 P Street NW).
I got the flier today regarding the meeting. I do have some criticism of it, but keep in mind I am pro-dog park. One it doesn’t mention the dog park idea at all. It just mentions greenspace. I understand why this was probably done, but full disclosure may be the best thing in the long run. Last criticism is the mention of shootings near Bundy Park, considering all the other factors in that general vicinity, I fail to see how it links up with problem. Otherwise there are wonderful and very valid points, such as the 600sf of building space to 1 parking spot code, meaning only 25 spaces are needed and pointing out that the 400 block of P is deserted and needs eyes and feet.
Also contact Eleanor Holmes Norton about this and express you concern as this involves a federal land transfer.

Fringe Festival Item: A Tactile Dinner

Weird but good. I enjoyed it.
There was an announcement that went up on the MVSQ blog about a preview for this… thing. So I went, not really knowing what to expect except that it was about food. I like food.
Food was deconstructed and the audience was the participant. No sitting back and just observing. It was a futurist meal. We “ate” beef (or mushroom if vegetarian) air, had salad (locally grown) without the aid of forks and knives, had a sugar cube course, and ended the meal with a spray of coffee or tea. Throw in some dance, and wrap it in futurism and a good time was had.