Well Corduroy, Cork and Etete are Shaw (or close enough) area restaurants that made it onto Tom Sietsema’s Top Restaurant Recommendation list.

Bread for the City is launching a blog, and having a launch party. It’s going to be at the Big Bear Cafe on Oct. 24th at 5pm. See more info here.

Yes, kids trick or treat here. Buy candy what you don’t give to kids, dump at your office and feed to the hungry interns. See past posts on the topic of trick or treating here and here and here.

In the sad tale of apparently two nice guys, one a homeowner the other a contractor, Stu Davenport, good guy AND competent contractor steps in and saves the day. Stu is also a 5C ANC commissioner and co-owner of Big Bear.
The horror story told in the Washington City Paper’s blog The Housing Complex reminds us that if you are having major work done, don’t expect DCRA to protect you. If you’re paying over 10K for some guy to rip up your house it is on you to take a look at his previous work and talk at least 2 or 3 of his most recent clients. I do remember talking to David’s clients, and he’d done work for some friends of mine whose house I admired. It’s great if a contractor is nice and well meaning but you really need to check that he knows what the heck he’s doing.