1957 Church Survey: New Bethany Baptist

In 1957 there was as survey of churches in the Northwest Urban Renewal Area, which included Shaw, Downtown, and the area around Union Station.  New Bethany is in Shaw. To learn more about the 1957 Church Survey read my previous posts, The Uniqueness of the 1957 Church Survey and Church Survey Northwest Urban Renewal Area October 1957.

New Bethany Baptist Church at 1300 10th St NW is still located in the Logan Circle area of Shaw. In 1957 it was a medium sized African American church with 500 members who mostly lived the the Northwest Urban Renewal Area. They didn’t provide percentages of age distributions or occupations. They wrote that they had many kids and over half were between 33 and 55. Most of the congregation were unskilled labor with some being white collar government workers.

CS 8 New Bethany Baptist by Mm Inshaw


1930 Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: John T. Wilson- 114 Florida Ave NW

In the 1930 census John T. Wilson is listed as the owner and head of household for 114 Florida Ave NW. It’s on square 551, which means it no longer exists. Run around at the Florida Avenue Park and you’ll probably be where his house was.

John Thomas Wilson was born May 17, 1886 in Durham, NC. He married Bessie M. Gaskins on September 20, 1911. She was listed as his wife on the 1930 census. He worked for the US Department of Agriculture.

The Wilson purchased 114 Florida Avenue NW on October 15, 1926. Prior to moving to Truxton Circle, he and his wife were living with in-laws, the Gaskins, at 4335 Polk St NE. In order to purchase 144 FL Ave NW, he was indebted to Clarence Deveile and Royal Mundy, trustees who had previously owned the property a few months prior, for $3,900.

I am learning, but I won’t pretend I know all that is going on with the land records. But back in 1922, a previous owner, the widow Maggie Lee owed $3,900 to trustees William A. Bowie and Clarence M. Deveile. She borrowed from Deveile and a new partner, again in 1924 for $350 and $1268. Maggie Lee sold it to Royal G. Mundy in March 1926. Royal G. and his wife Emma Mundy was borrowed from Deveile and another partner for $250. In May 1926, the Mundys transferred the property to Clarence M. Deveile.

After the Wilsons bought 114 Florida Avenue, debts from previous owners started clearing. The Mundys’ debts were cleared in December 1926, as was Maggie Lee’s. In January 1927 a debt from a owner prior to Maggie Lee, Samuel and Jennie Rappoport who borrowed in 1919, was cleared. February 1927, for September 1922 and October 1924 debts by Maggie Lee was cleared.  So a year after she sold it, all of her debts were cleared.

The Wilsons paid off the October 1926 debt on February 3, 1927. February 4, 1927 they do this weird thing I’ve noticed in other land records. Usually it is done to add someone or remove someone from the previous deed. What’s going on here? Beats me. Whatever it was, Deveile borrowed $4,250 from Equitable Life Insurance.

The same day (Feb 4, 1927) the Wilsons have the property transferred back to them and they borrowed $4500 from Mundy and Deveile.

Ten days later there are more documents regarding the release of debts from 1916 and a Maggie Lee 1920 debt.

January 7, 1928 the Wilsons borrowed $600 from trustees Deveile and Mundy.  Same date the next year (1/7/1929) the Wilsons borrowed $616 from Deveile and James L. Nielle.

September 11, 1929 it appeared that the Wilsons sold their home to R. Lawrence Plummer. The next document is a 1930 Trustees Deed, which pops up when a property has been foreclosed and auctioned. The auction was announced in the Washington Herald on June 23rd. The property was transferred to the widow Emma Gilmore by DeVeile & Mundy. The final nail was a 1932 Code Deed that transferred the property from the Wilsons to Gilmore, however it was only signed by Gilmore and the notary.

Despite all that, the Wilsons were still at 114 Florida Ave NW during World War II, after they lost legal possession. Checking the 1940 census, John claimed that he owned the property. They were still there for the 1950 census, but the 1950 census does not have ownership information. Sadly that info is lost to time.

John T. Wilson died  January 1965. Bessie died in 1980.


WSIC-Newspaper Search part 2

This is a continuation of part 1. I search the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America site for newspaper articles about the Washington Sanitary Improvement Company (WSIC) and Truxton Circle. There will be more parts, most of it are auction sales when WSIC off loaded their properties in the mid-late 1950s.

Building Permits IssuedEvening star. [volume], September 10, 1901, Page 5. “Washington Sanitary Improvement Company, to build a two-story brick dwelling at 94 Bates street northwest; cost, $3,000.”

Building Permits IssuedEvening star. [volume], April 01, 1902, Page 2. “Washington Sanitary Improvement Company, to build eight two-story and cellar brick flats at 62 to 76 Bates street northwest; cost. $20,000.”

Real Estate TransfersEvening star. [volume], December 19, 1916, Page 7.”NORTHWEST; BATES STREET between North Capitol and 1st streets northwest; 14 TO 42 O STREET NORTHWEST; HALF STREET between M and N streets southwest; 57 TO 81 L STREET NORTHEAST –George H. Harries and George M. Kober, surviving trustees of the Washington Sanitary Improvement Company, to Washington Loan and Trust Company, trustee, lots 170 to 182, Square 509; lots 33, 34 and part of lot 35, lots 49 to 79, 80 to 94, 98 to 150, square 552; lots 134 to 140, 170 to 179, 195 to 207, 236 to 256, 258 to 265. square 615; lots 169 to 183, square 617; lots 33 to 90, 92 to 120, 122, 123, 125 to 147, square 651; lots 415 to 427, square 674.”

John J. Edson Quits Bank Presidency-Declines Re-Election as Head of Washington Loan and Trust Company- John B. Larner Succeeds- Succeeded Mr. WarnerEvening star. [volume], January 10, 1917, Page 5 -“He has been treasurer of the Chamber of Commerce of the United States since its organization, of the Washington Sanitary Improvement Company, the National Geographic Society from 1901 to date; of the Associated Charities
from 1894, and was formerly treasurer of the George Washington University.
For many years he has been chairman of the Summer Outing Committee for Children: and he was president and trustee of the National Homeopathic Hospital from 1889 to 1905.”

Total of $366,932 in D.C. BuildingEvening star. [volume], March 01, 1930, Page B-3. “Washington Sanitary Improvement Co., owner; A. S. Johnson & Co., builders; to reroof, 200 to 230 and 201 to 229 Bates street (lots 132 to 147 and ‘ 80 to 94, square 552); to cost $1,500.”

Permits- Repair WorkEvening star. [volume], June 18, 1938, Page B-2. “Washington Sanitary Improvement Co., 915 F street N.W., owners; Edson & Bressler, Bond Building, builders; to erect brick garage, 121 Bates street N.W.; to cost $1,400.”

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], June 10, 1953, Page C-16. Auction 220A Bates Street NW ($8000).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], April 19, 1954, Page B-11. Auction of 131 Bates Street NW ($7,750).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], June 08, 1954, Page B-17. Auction of 130 “Q” St NW ($15,000). 132 Q Street NW ($8,000).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], November 27, 1954, Page A-15. Auction of 200 Bates St NW ($8000) and 204 Bates St NW ($7,750).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], May 19, 1955, Page B-20. Auction of 214A Bates St NW ($7,750).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], July 01, 1955, Page B-9. Auction of 138 Que St NW ($8000), 69A Bates Street NW ($7,750)  ; Evening star. [volume], July 06, 1955, Page C-5. Auction of 69A Bates Street NW ($7,750). 18 Que St NW ($8000).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], February 24, 1956, Page C-5. Auction of 229 P Street NW ($8000).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], April 21, 1956, Page A-14. 202 Bates Street NW ($7750).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], May 02, 1956, Page B-16. 1519 Third Street NW ($7750). 205 “P” Street NW ($8000).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], August 29, 1956, Page C-6. Auction of 139 Bates Street NW( $7,750), 55 Bates Street NW ($7,750), 34A Bates Street NW ($7,500).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], September 04, 1956, Page B-1. Auction of 139 Bates Street NW ($7,750), 55 Bates Street NW ($7750), 34 Bates Street NW ($7500).

WSIC-Newspaper Search part 1

Instead of looking at individual addresses, which I’ll still keep doing, let’s look at the Washington Sanitary Improvement Company (WSIC) in the newspaper for Truxton Circle. I have to limit it to Truxton Circle because WSIC had investment properties in various other parts of Washington, DC and I really want to focus on the TC.

This is broken up into parts because newspaper announcement of auctions of individual properties makes the post too long.

Building Permits IssuedEvening star. [volume], April 21, 1905, Page 12. “To the Washington Sanitary Improvement Company, thirteen two-story brick dwellings, 147 to 171 P street northwest, to cost $39,000; thirteen two-story brick dwellings, 146 to 170 Bates street northwest, to cost $39,000; six two-story brick dwellings, 100
to 113 and 121 to 125 Bates street northwest, to cost $18,000.”  “To Washington Sanitary Improvement Company, three two-story brick dwellings, 120 to 124 O street northwest; cost $9,000.”

BUILDING PERMITS FOR WEEK INCREASEEvening star. [volume], June 21, 1924, Page 14. Washington Sanitary Improvement Company, to erect eight dwellings at 12 to 26 Bates street; cost $60,000.

BUILDING PERMITS TOTAL $209,215Evening star. [volume], January 19, 1929, Page 15– “Repairs to Be Made. Washington Sanitary Improvement Co., owner; to make repairs to porches,
200 to 230 Bates street and 201 to 231 P street (lots 132 to 147, 111 to 119 and 148 to 150. square 552); to cost $1,044.
Washington Sanitary Improvement Co., owner; to repair porches. 15 to 77 and 44 to 76 Bates street (lots 195 to 207, 253 to 256. 134 to 140, 237 to 244, 245. 811 to 818 and 258 to 265), square 615); to cost $1,436.”

Home Building Shows IncreaseEvening star. [volume], October 22, 1932, Page B-3. “Washington Sanitary Improvement
Co., owners; George E. Locknane, designer; Mutual Construction Co., builders; to erect one 2-story brick apartment, 130 Q street, to cost $10,000.”

Building Drops In Capital AreaEvening star. [volume], February 17, 1934, Page B-1. “The largest single Item was for a $10,300 addition to a structure at 124 Q street, to be built by the Washington Sanitary Improvement Co.”

Transactions Brings End to Low-Rent HousingEvening star. [volume], November 04, 1950, B-1 & Firm’s Sale Brings End to Low-Rent Experiment  B4. The WSIC came to an end. They rented to whites and blacks. WSIC informed white tenants that they intended to sell the units to African Americans. Unhappy tenants created the Tenants Committee to Protest Eviction. “The units so far offered for sale are mainly located on Bates street between North Capitol and Third streets N.W.; on Third street between P and Q streets N.W.; on Q street, between Second and Third -streets N.W., and on P street between Second and Third streets N.W.”
List of properties sold (address, yr. acquired, no. of buildings):
1501-1551 Third street N.W., 1904, 24 buildings.
124-230 Q street N.W., 1905, 24 buildings.
201-231 P street N.W., 1905, 16 buildings.
14-42 O street N.W., 1901, 15 buildings.
14- 28 Bates street N.W., 1905, 8 buildings.
30-94 Bates street N.W., 1900, 25 buildings.
15- 77 Bates street N.W., 1900, 32 buildings.
119-229 Bates street N.W., 1905, 26 buildings.
200-230 Bates street N.W., 1905, 16 buildings.
416-441 Warner street N.W., 1902, 13 buildings. <- Not in TC but wanted to add.

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], April 14, 1954, Page C-5. Auction of 131 Bates St NW ($7,750).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], June 03, 1954, Page B-20. Auction of 132 Q St NW ($8000).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], December 07, 1954, Page C-4. Auction of 200 Bates St NW ($8,000) and 129 Bates St NW ($3,650).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], September 27, 1955, Page B-8. Auction of 20A Bates St NW ($7,750), 229 Bates St NW ($8000), 215-215A Bates St NW ($7,750), and 66 Bates St NW ($7,750).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], April 26, 1956, Page B-15 and –Evening star. [volume], May 01, 1956, Page B-12. Auction of 142 Que St NW ($8,250), 202 Bates St NW ($7,750).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], August 09, 1956, Page B-11– 214 Bates St NW was to be sold for approx. $7,750. 200A Bates St NW, to be sold for approx. $8,000. 132A Que St NW to be sold for approx. $8K.  (54A Bates St NW to be auctioned too)

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], September 13, 1955, Page C-4. Homes to be auctioned- 1545-A Third Street NW ($7500).

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & SonEvening star. [volume], March 05, 1956, Page B-9. Auction of 229 P St NW ($8,000).

Truxton Circle Residents with Wikipedia Pages

Most Truxton Circle residents of the past are regular Joes or Joannas. They lived, they worked, they moved away and eventually they died. Many were cooks, laborers, cops, teachers, and barbers. Some were doctors or ministers.

For the past couple of years, I have been writing up quickie bios of these regular people. I’ve searched genealogical sites, DC land records and sometimes a run of the mill Google search. It’s usually the Google search that reveals someone has a Wikipedia page.

Dr. Peter Marshall Murray

Peter Murray Portrait

Dr. Peter Murray doesn’t have much of a Wikipedia page. If you want to learn more about him and his life in DC (his career took off in New York City) wander over to my September 2021 post about Dr. Murray when he lived at 1645 New Jersey Ave NW.

Dr. Carrie H. Thomas

Dr. Carrie H. Thomas lived at 1629 New Jersey Ave NW and her Wikipedia page is in danger of being removed. I’m not sure what she did to warrant having a Wikipedia page. She was a teacher….. I got nothin’.

Eloyce Gist (Mayme E. King-Patrick-Gist-Wood-Savage)

Eloyce Gist, director, actress & co-director of Heaven-Bound Traveler.

It was the Google search that revealed who she was. I was looking for Mayme Gist, and got several Eloyce Gist hits and discovered this hair dresser was also a filmmaker. Not only does she have a Wikipedia page, she has an IMDB page, and two posts on this blog.

I did a post for her as a filmmaker and another post as a home owner, because that’s the point of the Black Homeowners of Truxton Circle series, to write about Black home owners. She lived at 134 R St NW, which no longer exists.

William Saunders

William Saunders

Like Ms. Mayme Eloyce, William Saunders lived on the block where almost nothing from that time period remains. He lived at 1603 3rd Street NW, sort of where Mt. Sinai Baptist Church sits. I found him by mistake and called the post a Happy Accident-1900 Home Owner- 1603 3rd St NW- William Saunders 1822-1900.

Mr. Saunders was a botanist among other things and played an important role in bringing the seedless naval orange to America. His Wikipedia page has a few of his highlights.

Pocahontas Kay Pope

Like Dr. Carrie H. Thomas there isn’t much of a Wikipedia page for Mrs. Pope. She does have a better Baha’i wiki page. The current Wikipedia page says her gravestone is lost because Black people’s gravestones were used to prevent erosion of the Potomac. That sounds a little off to me. The more fleshed out Baha’i site they wrote, “In 1960, the graves at Columbian Harmony Cemetery, including that of Pocahontas Pope, were relocated to the National Harmony Memorial Park in Maryland”.  She owned and lived at 1500 1st St NW and knew several other featured TC Black Homeowners.

Do you know of any other Truxton Circle residents from the past with Wikipedia pages?

WSIC- 141 Bates St NW- Newspaper Search

Welcome back to my series where I plug in the address of a Washington Sanitary Improvement Co rental home in the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America newspaper search and see what relevant articles come up. If I feel like it, I’ll look at the Washington Post/Washington Star search in ProQuest. Then we’ll see what pops up. I’ll leave it to you to make up your own story.

In the 1920s a manager or distributor of the Washington Times lived at 141 Bates, so there were too many posts related to newspaper promotions. Also it appears a resident of 141 Bates owned 1234 R.I. Ave NE, as there are classified ads about it. I’m leaving out a number of 1920s posts.

Wanted- MiscellaneousEvening star, February 18, 1908, Page 16 – “WANTED AT ONCE 3 FEATHER BEDS will pay a good price. Address Mrs. LUND 141A Bates st.”

Deaths-WhiteThe Washington Times, August 15, 1911, LAST EDITION, Page 14. Infant (8 days old) Leonard Avery of 141 Bates street northwest, died.

Deaths ReportedEvening Star, August 15, 1911, Page 7. Leonard Avery, 8 days, 141 Bates street northwest.

Deaths Reported Evening Star, March 28, 1914, Page 7. Franz K. Hild, 1 year, 141 Bates street northwest.

Enemy Aliens Who May Be Banished from the DistrictThe Washington Times, December 11, 1917, FINAL EDITION, Page 6– Very anti-immigrant news. A tailor named Joseph Offenbacher, 38, 141 Bates street NW, lived here for 3 years and was outed as being Austro-Hungarian, along with many other resident aliens.

27 Austrians Seek Standing of CitizenshipThe Washington Herald, December 11, 1917, Page 14. Austrian butcher, George Schweirier of 141-a Bates street northwest sought citizenship.

Police News- Auto Hits StreetcarThe Washington Herald, July 30, 1919, Page 3. Frank Hill of 141 Bates street northwest had his car damaged when he and a streetcar collided at 6th and Mass Ave NW.

Jackie Coogan Club Forms TodayThe Washington Times, November 26, 1923, Page 4. 141 Bates street northwest was a branch location where kids could get a Jackie Coogan button.

Movie Tickets to be Given TodayThe Washington times, December 04, 1923, Page 9. 141 Bates street northwest was listed as a substation where children presenting 8 coupons got a ticket to the Jackie Coogan movie “Long Live the King.”

Times Plan is Educational for BoysThe Washington Times, February 13, 1924, Page 2. C. Reinhard was listed as a Washington Times branch manager at 141 Bates street northwest.

Times Gives Children Chance to See ‘Bread’The Washington Times, July 26, 1924. Part of a promotion for a Metro-Goldwyn film. Donate a loaf of bread and get a free ticket. 141 Bates street northwest was listed as a location.

Bread Is The Staff Of LifeThe Washington Times, July 26, 1924, Page 5; July 31, 1924, Page 10; July 28, 1924, Page 5;   Part of a promotion for a Metro-Goldwyn film. Donate a loaf of Dad’s Bread and get a free ticket. 141 Bates St. N.W. was listed as a location.

Many Loaves of Bread GivenThe Washington Times, July 29, 1924. 141 Bates street northwest was a Times branch location where people could drop off bread for movie tickets. Bread would go to the Salvation Army.

‘Sallies’ Give Bread to the NeedyThe Washington Times, July 28, 1924, Image 13. Part of a film promotion in partnership with a charity to provide bread to the poor. 141 Bates street northwest was a drop off location.

Boys! Play Ball. Here’s a Gift You’ll AppreciateThe Washington Times, April 21, 1925, Page 16. Baseball ball and mitt give away for 10 subscriptions. 141 Bates St. rear was a branch location.

Star Boys Club Again to Have Section to View Big LeaguersEvening Star, September 03, 1926, Page 26.  Robert Hild of 141 Bates street was a new member of the [Washington] Star Boys Club.

Three Brothers Out for Free Trips to FightThe Washington Times, September 03, 1926, Page 2. Max Kaplan of 141 Bates street northwest was supposed to be an entrant for a contest.

Deaths-Wolfe, Willis T.Evening Star, April 08, 1941, Page A-6. Husband of Lucy and father of Charles M. died at home on April 6, 1941. Home being 141 Bates st. n.w.

Deaths ReportedEvening Star, April 08, 1941, Page B-18. Willis T. Wolfe, 80, 141 Bates st. n.w.

Miscellaneous for Sale-Wheel ChairEvening Star, June 22, 1941, Page E-6. Some one at 141 Bates St NW was selling a wheelchair.

Deaths ReportedEvening Star, July 17, 1942, Page A-12. Lucy A. Wolfe, 61, 141 Bates st n.w.

District Traffic Deaths Rise to 66 as Man Hit by Streetcar DiesEvening Star, October 12, 1944. James H. Porter, 31, of 141 Bates street N.W. was a streetcar operator.

PersonalEvening Star, October 19, 1944, Page B-16. “I WILL NOT be responsible for debts incurred by anyone except myself. JOSHUA E. ROSE, 141 Bates st. n.w.”

S.J. Gay of 141 Bates St NW

Man Killed by Car of Policeman In Probe of Earlier Auto DeathEvening Star, June 16, 1948. Stuart J. Gay, 34, of 141 Bates St N.W. died crossing Baltimore Blvd at Murkirk in PG Co. Gay was a Merchant Marine veteran and was in service during WWII. He had
lived in Washington for the last 11 years. He was native of Charlottesville, VA. He worked as a carpenter there before coming to Washington. Gay was survived by his widow. Trosy Gay, and three daughters; Frances, 14; Sylvia, 12, and Jacqueline, 5.

Hacker Killed by Police Car After Probe of Earlier FatalityEvening Star, June 16, 1948. Stuart J. Gay, 34, of 141 Bates street N.W. death.

Policeman Cleared in Traffic Fatality–  Evening Star, June 25, 1948, Page A-14. Stuart J. Gay, 34, of 141 Bates St N.W. was struck crossing Baltimore Washington Blvd.

Miscellaneous For SaleEvening Star, August 06, 1950, Page E-4. Resident of 141A Bates st. n.w. selling a radio for $10.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star, August 19, 1954, Page B-14. Harold Freeman, 18, 141 Bates st n.w. and Jo Stewart, 18, 1364 1st st s.w.

Deaths-Wilson, Eva L.Evening Star, October 25, 1954, Page A-18. Eva L. Wilson died after a lengthy illness at 141-A Bates st. n.w.

Auction Sales- Thos. J. Owen & Son, AuctioneersEvening Star, December 20, 1961, Page C-16; December 15, 1961, Page D-7.  Auction for Sq. 552 lot 35 (141 Bates St NW), appears minimum price was $8,000.

120 Florida Ave NW- Newspaper Search

So I’m doing newspaper searches for Washington Sanitary Imp. Co. houses, and I’m doing 1930 Truxton Circle Black Homeowners. Then I thought, why not do a quickie newspaper search just covering the years of the Powell’s ownership, 1921-1971. The Library of Congress has the Evening Star and other DC newspapers that are not the Washington Post, up to 1963. So from 1963 to 1971, I’ll search the Washington Post.

For Sale- HousesEvening star. [volume], September 28, 1920, Page 24; Evening star. [volume], September 27, 1920, Page 23; FOR SALE TO COLORED– 120 Florida Ave. N.W. Bay window brick; 8 large rooms and bath on two floors; h.w. heat; lot to alley; newly papered and painted. Price only $7,000; terms ran be had. T. B. BROWN CO.

For Sale- HousesEvening star. [volume], October 03, 1920, Page 19. FOR SALE- TO COLORED FAMILY- 120 Florida Ave. N.W.
Bay-window brick. 8 large rooms and bath on two doors. Hot-water heat and gas. Newly papered and painted. Lot to alley. Room for
garage. Possession in 30 days. The price is right and can sell on terms. T. B. BROWN CO.

Real Estate TransfersThe Washington herald. [volume], August 06, 1921, Page 5. 120 Florida ave nw. sq 551, lot 174- Mary Dewey to Charles S. and Willie N. Powell.

Pedestrian Struck by Automobile DiesEvening star. [volume], February 20, 1924, Page 7. A motor vehicle driven by Hellia Tennen (Temmon? ) of 120 Florida avenue northwest, came in contact with a barricade on the bridge over Rock Creek at P St.

11 Hurt in Traffic During Week EndEvening star. [volume], September 17, 1928, Page 7. James Patterson, 18 yr old AfAm of 120 Florida ave was injured, but not seriously.

Census Workers Named by MoranEvening star. [volume], March 20, 1930, Page B-4.  Willie N. Powell of 120 FL Ave NW was one of many mail clerks to help with the 1930 census.

Elevator Boy Knifes Employe [sic] of Phone CoEvening star. [volume], February 06, 1931, Page PAGE B-1. Samuel J. Patterson, 21, of 120 Florida Ave was arrested and charged with assault.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening star. [volume], February 08, 1947, Page B-8. Bayles Fox. 30. 120 Florida ave. n.w., and Lottye Gaten. 25, 1919 3rd st. n.w.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening star. [volume], February 14, 1951, Page B-14. Hugh Temmon, 28, 120 Florida ave. n.w.,and Flossie Dixon, 21, 1228 Stevens rd. s.e.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening star. [volume], June 01, 1951, Page B-12. Jesse Staton. 21. 118 Florida ave. n.w., and Hazel Dixon, 19, 120 Florida ave. n.w.

D. C. Soldier Listed As Captive of Reds More Than 2 YearsEvening star. [volume], February 23, 1953, Page A-4 – Pfc. Jesse L. Staton, was one of 4 soldiers wounded. His wife Mrs. Hazel M. Staton, lived at 120 Florida avenue N.W.

33 District Veterans Reach West CoastEvening star. [volume], May 14, 1953, Page A-7. Korean war vet Pfc. Jesse L. Staton of 120 Florida avenue N.W. was given leave.

Deaths-Powell, Charles S.Evening star. [volume], July 30, 1954, Page B-8. On Friday, July 30, 1954. CHARLES S. POWELL of 120 Florida ave. n.w. Notice of funeral later. Arrangements by Frailer Funeral Home, 389 R. I. ave. n.w.

Deaths-Powell, Charles S.Evening star. [volume], August 03, 1954, Page A-10. On Friday, July 30, 1954, at his residence, 120 Florida ave. n.w. CHARLES S. POWELL, devoted husband of Mrs. Willie N. Powell, brother of Mrs. Georgia A. Patterson, uncle of Edward A. Patterson and Mrs. Dorothy Bank. Many other relatives and friends also survive. After 2 p.m. Tuesday. August 3, friends may call at Frazier’s Funeral Home. 389 Rhode Island ave. n.w. Funeral Wednesday. August 4. at 10:30 a.m. at the Asbury Methodist Church. 11th and K sts. n.w. Interment at Lincoln Memorial Cemetery.

Deaths ReportedEvening star. [volume], August 04, 1954, Page B-14. Charles Powell, 68, 120 Florida ave. n.w.

Crime and Justice: Crime ROBBED STOLENThe Washington Post, Times Herald (1959-1973); Washington, D.C. [Washington, D.C]. 07 Sep 1970: C3– Richard Andrew Payne was robbed in front of 120 Florida Ave. NW.

1930 Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Charles Powell- 120 Florida Ave NW

Charles Samuel Powell was born on May 15, 1886 in Newnan, GA. He married his wife, Willie, in 1917. He worked for the Federal government as a clerk.

Looking at the 1933-1934 General Assessment the property (0551 lot 174) both Charles and his wife Willie N. Powell were on record for owning 120 Florida Ave NW.

They purchased their house 8/5/1921 from Mary Dewey. It appears they borrowed $1,160 from trustees Bradford & Smith to purchase the property.

They borrowed again in June 1924 $2,250 at 7% interest from trustees Purcell & Zepp. Again in February 1927 from trustees Kraft and Goldstein for the amount of $1875. The Purcell & Zepp debt was settled in 1927.

There were a lot more debts and releases (settled debts) in the 1920s and 1930s. There are so many, I will not mention them individually.

In April 1941, the Powells borrowed $4000 from the American Security and Trust Company. That same day they also borrowed $292.37 from trustees in a matter related to the Superior Construction Corporation. This leads me to believe they were having work done on the house. It appears they paid off their debt to the American Security and Trust Co. (then the National Permanent Savings and Loan Association) in September 1963.

In the 1950 census, their birth state changed to Texas. That’s probably incorrect. They were still at 120 Florida Ave and they had three roomers below the age of 29.

The house was sold in 1971 by the remaining spouse, Willie N. Powell. Charles had died on July 30th, but no year was given on the documents. She had sold it to DC’s Redevelopment Land Agency or basically, the DC government.

A newspaper search revealed that Charles Powell of 120 Florida ave. nw, died at the age of 68 in 1954.

WSIC- 139 Bates St NW- Newspaper Search

I’m going to search the newspaper for 139 Bates St and see what pops up for this Washington Sanitary Improvement Co. house.

Classified Ad- Situations- DomesticEvening Star, April 17, 1923, Page 33; Evening Star, April 18, 1923, Page 33.  Light household duties, sewing, etc, white woman. 139 Bates st nw.

Boy, 16, Crushed to Death by Auto, Eleven InjuredThe Washington Herald, May 30, 1922, Page 2. The auto that was involved was driven by Augustus Rubino, of 139 Bates st nw.

Classified- Wanted to RentThe Washington Times, May 29, 1923, Page 19. Appears the resident of 139-A Bates was looking for a new place that was convenient to cars in DC or MD.

How Much Income Tax Your Neighbor Is Paying GovernmentThe Washington Times, September 04, 1925, Page 9. Gus Rubino, 139 Bates, $46.04.

Income Tax Returns Paid from District and Vicinity–  Evening Star, September 06, 1925, Page 20. Gus Rubino, 139 Bates street, $46.04.

Deaths ReportedEvening Star, October 27, 1927, Page 26. Annie E. Smith, 62, 139-A Bates st.

Hen in Detective’s Backyard is By-Product of Crime Merger- Abandoned by Thief Who Steals Automobiles to Aid in Chicken-Pilfering Business- Evening Star, June 20, 1930, Page B-1. Henry Blankenship of 139 Bates street had his automobile stolen from in front of his house.

$20,000 in Bonds Stolen from AutoEvening Star, October 09, 1937, Page A-2. Lulu Fowler of 139 Bates street, was walking on 3rd St, between N & O St NW when her purse was stolen by 3 boys.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star, February 05, 1944, Page B-11.  Robert Seomiller, 23, of 4811 North Capitol st and Emma Tubbs, 19, 139-A Bates st nw.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star, June 02, 1944, Page B-18. Elden Ernst, 23, 22 Hawaii Ave ne and Iva Tubbs, 20, 139-A Bates st nw.

Classified- Automobiles for Sale–  Evening Star, October 24, 1948, Page E-14. Oldsmobile 1934 4-door, radio, motor good shape. $400

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star, August 04, 1949, Page B-9. Nelson V. Tubbs, 22, 139 Bates st, nw to marry Beverly J. Trite, 18, of 137 Bates st nw.

Deaths ReportedEvening Star, March 21, 1953. Infant Terrell, 139 Bates st nw.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star, May 26, 1953, Page B-8. Charles Johnson, 21 and Minnie Ferguson, 19, of 139 Bates St nw.

Thos. J. Owen & Son, AuctioneersEvening Star, August 29, 1956, Page C-6.; Evening Star, March 03, 1958, Page B-8; Evening Star, August 27, 1959, Page C-4.; Trustee’s sale of 139 Bates St N.W. Sq 552 lot 34.

WSIC-137 Bates St NW- Newspaper Search

I’m going to try something. Sometimes I find interesting information just plugging in an address. So I have searched “137 Bates” a Washington Sanitary Improvement rental and looked to see what popped up.

These are in chronological order. Make your own story of them.

Classified Ad-Situations Wanted Male- AM LOOKING FOR A POSITION STRONG AND healthy- Willing. 137 Bates St. nw. The Washington Post (1877-1922), Mar 22 1907, p. 14.

Hold for Attack on Child– The Washington Post (1877-1922) 24 Dec 1907, p. 4. Frank R. Riley of 137 Bates St NW was jailed for attacking 10 year old Mary Butler of 1303 Klinkers Ct NW.

Thinks Strange man Robbed ThemEvening Star 19 Feb 1909. Frank R. Riley of 137 Bates NW was robbed at 2nd and East Cap Sts.

Tired of Living- Frank Riley Drank Laudanum with Suicidal IntentEvening  Star 21 Feb. 1909.  Frank Riley’s sister found him and he went to the hospital.

Once Kidnapped Now He Is At Vera CruzThe Washington Herald 07 May 1914. George Nelson Miller, 20, of 137 Bates NW, was a coalpasser aboard the Florida at Vera Cruz. His mother was Mrs. Margie M. Johnson, also of 137 Bates NW.

Classified Ad- CARD CASEThe Washington Times 10 Aug. 1922. G.N. Miller lost documents on the steamer St. Johns.

St. Agnes Basketers–  Evening Star 22 Feb. 1923. Basketball club contact address.

Herald’s Sandlot Directory- MidgetsThe Washington Times, 01 April 1923. ;The Washington Times 08 April 1923 ;15 April 1923 ;Contact person F. Crovato at 137 Bates St NW. Side note- Under Juniors is the Truxton Juniors at 228 Bates St NW.

Lost & FoundCAT- The Washington Times 29 Oct. 1925. Someone lost their Persian cat.

Three Divorce Suits FiledThe Washington Times 23 Dec. 1927. Nancy E. Miller of 1920 L St NE named George N. Miller of 137 Bates NW as a correspondent, accusing him of misconduct. Jacob Halper was his lawyer.

LOST- WRIST WATCHEvening Star 02 Nov. 1941. Lost ladies watch somewhere near Riverside Stadium.

Miller, George Nelson (obituary)Evening Star 21 April 1942; 22 April 1942 . He died April 19, 1942. Husband of Mattie P., father of Lorraine C. Miller. Son of Margie Harleston Johnson. Last address 137A Bates St NW. Buried at Arlington.

Marriage License Applications Evening Star 04 Aug. 1949. Nelson V. Tubbs, 22, of 139 Bates St NW to marry Beverly J. Trite, 18, 137 Bates St NW.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star 05 Feb. 1952. Earl Davis, 18, 137 Bates St NW to marry Shirley Greene, 18, 816 6th St NW.

Douglas Son Among 109 Up For Induction- The Washington Post (1923-1954), Sep 06 1953, p. 1. Local Board No. 7- Charles A. Davis of 137 Bates St. nw up for the Army draft.

Gang of 4 Accused in 18 Housebreakings– The Washington Post (1923-1954), Oct 02 1953, p. 33. Ringleader Bronston T. Weldon, 23, of 447 Ridge St nw, implicated Earl W. Davis, 19, of 137 Bates St. nw in house break-ins.

34 Lose Auto Permits, 77 Get SuspensionsEvening Star 03 Aug. 1958. Bernard Davis was suspended for no license or registration.

Marriage License ApplicationsEvening Star 02 Nov. 1958 Lonnie Lovely, 20, and Jeanne Ferguson, 22, both of 137 Bates St NW.

Permits of 44 Drivers Are Revoked By DistrictEvening Star 21 Jan. 1960. Earl W. Davis had his license revoked for an accumulated record of at least 12 points.

Public Notice- Invitation for Bids– The Washington Post (1974-), Nov 28 1980, p. 1. The DC Department of Housing and Community Development sought bid from licensed contractors for 137 Bates St NW and other DC properties.

115 LEGAL NOTICES– he Washington Post (1974-), Nov 08 1982, p. 1. The Department of Licenses, Investigations and Inspections might provide an occupancy permit for 137 Bates Street NW.