Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Olinian Hollaway- 1611 New Jersey Ave NW

photo of property

I found an earlier post when the house was up for sale in 2005. Also this property was at one time owned by the Broadus family until they lost it in 1927.

January 1948, Olinian A Hollaway purchased 1611 New Jersey Avenue NW from Percy and wife, Valentine Waddill. Mr. Hollaway took on a $4,500 debt with trustees at 6% interest, and paid it off in September 1964 when he and his wife, Natalie, sold the house to Collier & Vogel Inc.

Usually for every trust/ mortgage there is a release noting the end of the debt. Sometimes when I don’t locate the corresponding release or trust, it is usually something that got lost with fat fingers or bad OCR. I had a release for the Hollaways and did not see an obvious trust. After they sold in July 1964, there were two releases. The first, from September 17, 1964 paid off a 1948 $5,000 trust between the Waddills and the Perpetual Building Association. Olinian’s name doesn’t show up anywhere in the original document. However, the document was part of the January 1948 sale.

Since Olinian is such an unusual name, it was fairly easy to look up his history. When we first find Olinian in the 1950 census on New Jersey Ave NW, he is a clerk working for the city post office. His wife Natalie was a stay at home mom caring for their, then 9 year old, daughter Janice. They lived with two older men, roomers.

Olinian Arthur Hollaway (sometimes spelled Holloway) was born September 6, 1907 in New York City. He served in the New York National Guard, 369th Infantry, off & on between 1928-1930, as a musician. According to his service card he was a deserter, twice.

Olinian married Natalie Clementine Cooke in June in 1939. Very soon their daughter Janice was born in 1940. The family lived at 2025 4th St NW in the mid-1940s. In the 1940 census they lived at 2715 Georgia Ave NW. Janice was not listed.

After selling 1611 NJ Ave NW they bought 413 Jefferson Street NE.

Olinian died in 1985. Natalie was a widow for a very long time until she too passed on May 10, 2010. Despite being dead the house on Jefferson Street is still in both parties names and paying taxes. Since their daughter would be the logical real owner,  and she was born pre-WW2,  I’m not going to get my undies in a bunch about the senior citizen homestead exemption the Hollaways have.

Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Bessie Broadus- 1607 NJ Ave NW- cul de sac

I should be pretty much done with the Broadus family. But Bessie Broadus was listed as the head of household in 1950, so let me tie up this loose end.

I already went over most of the Broadus family history with the ownership of 1607 NJ Ave NW being in the Broadus family for about 100 years. Just a reminder, Wallace Broadus’ ownership can be traced back to 1919. He may have owned it before then. Then Arvid and his siblings owned the property.

Bessie Broadus was Wallace’s sister. As far as I can tell her name did not appear on the property. But she was a member of the family that owned 1607 New Jersey Ave NW, so close enough.

Bessie Broadus was born around 1899 to Berry and Louise Broadus. She worked at the Bureau of Engraving and Printing. And she never married.

Memory Lane: Morgan St NW Stairs, ca 2003

I was looking through my old Flickr account because I am going to either shut it down or something where I am not paying a large annual fee to keep it.

So flipping through some old photos, I found this photo from 2003-ish.

Memory Lane: 1623 New Jersey Ave, 2003

Popup in process

I was looking through my old Flickr account because I am going to either shut it down or something where I am not paying a large annual fee to keep it.

So flipping through some old photos, I found this old gem from  2003, maybe. I don’t trust the date.

As you can see a pop up is popping up in this picture. The 2004 photo hides the pop up.

Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Arvid Broadus- 1607 New Jersey Ave NW

We’ve seen the Broadus family on this blog before. The earliest was in 2010 after Arvid Broadus had died and the rear of the house, 1607 New Jersey Avenue NW, appeared to be on its way to falling down into the alley.  There’s also a Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle for Wallace J. Broadas post from 2021. It appears I didn’t focus on the DC Recorder of Deeds. They borrowed so much I could not cover it here in a decent narrative fashion. So I will just put it in a table below.

Wallace J. and wife, Madge V. Broadas appear in the earliest online land records in 1922. Records hint that they owned the property as far back as 1919 and the family appear in the 1920 census. Madge died in 1922. Then Wallace was married to Alberta, then after 1928 she no longer appeared on property documents. Wife Hattie B. shows up once in 1951 and is never mentioned again.

In 1966 Arvid, son of Wallace, and his siblings became the owners of 1607 New Jersey Avenue. Then the ownership gets whittled down to Arvid and sister Evelyn Broadus Shears in the 1980s. There are a slew of wrongful housing documents, where DCRA is the other party, spanning from 2010 to 2014. The house was sold to Cameron St LLC in 2013 for $185,000.  I noticed the house was in poor condition, threatening to fall into the alley and exposed, in April 2010. All those wrongful housing documents started up in June 2010.

The table of the whole drama of real estate documents will be under the fold. It took 2-3 weeks to research this, looking at every stinking document, and I just want to be done with this house.

Anwho. Arvid or Arvide Wallace Broadus was born in 1919. He served in World War II as a private. In 1943 he married Mary Louise Jackson and in 1950, in Florida, they divorced. In 1944, they had a son, who grew up to be the Rev. Tyrone Livingston Broadus. Tyrone was born in Washington, DC so they may have lived at 1607 NJ Ave NW. Tyrone seems to have floated between DC and Florida. In 1967 Tyrone Broadus was one of the 13 honor guards chosen to escort the Kennedy family and President Lyndon B. Johnson to the consecration of the John F. Kennedy Eternal Flame grave site. In the 1950s Arvid was a Pentagon security messenger. Arvid died in 2009.

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Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Daisie Mae McLean- 1636 4th St NW

photo of property

In 1945 William M. McLean, an African American carpenter and his wife, a domestic purchased 1636 4th St NW.  When the 1950 census rolled around the McLeans had separated. The census showed Daisy Rose McLean (Daisie Mae in the census) as the head of the household living with her daughter Lenora (also separated), Daisy’s grandchildren, her son James and daughter in law Evelyn.

In 1940 the McLean family lived at 219 D St SW. William, the carpenter, was the head of the family. He lived with wife Daisy, daughter Lenara/Lenora and their son James.

When the McLeans bought 1636 4th St NW they bought it from Teck Construction which sold a few homes on the 1600 block of 4th St around the mid 1940s. As part of the sale, they took out two loans, both from trustees Michael P. Cook and Ralph D. Quinter totaling $3750 at 6%. The smaller loan of $950 was cleared in 1949. The larger debt is harder to figure out.

In 1955 there were a couple of deeds. It appears the goal was to remove William’s name from the title and just have Daisy’s name. But after her death, around or before June 1970 it appears he didn’t lose interest and it is hard to tell if William and Daisy divorced. William is listed as a widower in the paperwork.

From 1970 to 1985 had several deeds and an Appointment Substitute Trustee. With the substitute trustee document it appears the 1945 $2800 loan was addressed, but I can’t tell. During this William the husband, James McLean Sr and Jr and Johnny McLean sign over their interest in the property to Leonora C. Wiggins (nee McLean). There was a will, and Leonora was the executor, and I was under the impression the 1955 deeds made Daisy the sole owner. Anywho, Leonora sold the property in 1985.

Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Clementine Branham- 1604 4th St NW

Okay. Another Basiliko house. 1604 4th St NW was previously owned by Nick and Helen Basiliko, relatives of George Basiliko, slum lord.

In 1944 Dewey Branham bought 1604 4th Street from the Basilikos. He borrowed $1963.25 from trustees Herman Miller and Vernon J Thomas at 6% interest as part of the deal. In 1947 he transferred the property to his wife, Clementine. In 1954, she borrowed $2,000 from the Perpetual Building Association. Later that year, she paid off the debt Dewey had taken on in 1944. She cleared her Perpetual debt in 1965. Then in 1970, she transferred the property from herself and her husband to herself and a person named Leonard White. Sometime between 1970 and 1981 White died and as the surviving joint tenant, Clementine sold the property to Antoinette L. and James H. Ford and Evelyn Lewis.

Once again this is another 1950’s home owner and information about the home owner is spotty.

Perpetual Building Association Ads

Just for fun I looked up the Perpetual Building Association on Youtube. Perpetual was a lender for several Truxton Circle African American home owners.

Here are three radio jingles from the early 1970s.

Television ad?

Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Mary & Johnnie Walker- 1600 4th St NW

400 blk of Q St NW btwn NJ and 4th St NW.

I tried finding a good photo of the parking lot where 1600 4th St NW used to be, but came up empty. Instead, enjoy the map above.

Let’s discover what the land records tell us. In 1944 Johnnie and Mary Walker purchased their home 1600 4th St NW from, sigh, Helen and Nick Basiliko. The Basilikos were all over Truxton Circle in the mid-20th Century and brother George Basiliko was declared by the Washington Post to be a slumlord. The Basilikos are another story for another day. As part of the purchase they borrowed $2,961.48 at 6% interest from trustees John Swaggart and Herman Miller. The 1944 loan was cleared/paid off in 1948. In 1956, it appears they took out a new loan with the American Security and Trust Company for $5,250 at 5% interest.

Then something happens.

In 1971 Johnnie Walker signed over full ownership to Mary. There are so many John Walkers married to women named Mary that I have no idea what happened. Did they divorce? Was he unwell? I don’t know. What I do know is that his signature was on the deed.

Then in the eighties the story comes to an end. In 1985 there is a document (#8500028432) to cancel the condemnation of the building at 1600 4th St NW. And according to the document, it was mailed to 1903 D St NE. I am left to assume that the home was either vacant or severely run down. For whatever reason, the condemnation was cancelled, but we know from the vacant lot that is there, it was eventually torn down.

The next year, Mary Walker sold/transferred the property to James Floyd Young Jr. I wonder if it was a sale because I could not find a loan associated with the sale/transfer. Also when I was trying to find information about the Walkers, there was a woman Mary Young who married a John Walker. There was a James Floyd Young (Sr) who had a sister named Mary. So IF James was her nephew, and I am not sure there is a connection, this may have not been a regular sale.

A decade later, in 1999, Mr. Young sold the property to the current owners, the church.

Black Home Owners of Truxton Circle: Alvin and Edna Jackson- 1630 4th St NW

I’m looking at the history of the ownership of Alvin and Edna Jackson and saying, “Well, that didn’t last long.”

Here’s the short history of their ownership:

An African American clerk/messenger for what appears to have been an early version of Pepco named Alvin Lee Jackson and his wife, bought 1630 4th St NW in November 1949. So when the 1950 census rolled around, they were recorded as living there with their son Alvin L. Jackson Jr, and brand new baby daughter, Caroline born in February. They borrowed $3,000 from the Washington Housing Corporation, which had owned the house prior to transferring it to the seller, Ida P. Sheppard. The interest was 6%, which was normal then. But in 1955 they lost the home to foreclosure.

Unfortunately, Jackson is one of those common names but I have figured that the husband was Alvin Lee Jackson Sr. and Edna was formerly Edna Wise. Strangely, there were several Alvin Lee Jacksons and tons of Alvin Jacksons in the US at the time, including a baseball player.  I’m discovering the homeowners appearing in the 1950 census are a little harder to locate information about.