Mo Thai?

Don’t get me wrong, I do love Thai X-ing, but most of the time I lack the forethought to get my order in early enough before Taw gets too busy and stops taking new orders. So I turn to Royal Thai or Kanlaya in Gallery Place as both places deliver to my hood. Anyway quickly looking at the CCCA Agenda for October 27, I see something interesting.

Ralph Brabham will speak on behalf of the restaurateur planning to open Beau Thai, a new Shaw restaurant with outdoor seating on the 400 block of R St NW

However, isn’t there an apartment under that proposed restuarant?

9 thoughts on “Mo Thai?”

  1. The owner of the proposed restaurant, Beau Thai, rented the apartment below and already lives there! She is the sister of Taw of Thai X-ing. She's an amazing Thai cook with a ton of restaurant experience.

  2. What? that is AMAZING! We've been waiting for a restaurant or cafe to open there forever. My personal dream was a patisserie (yeah, right), but a thai restaurant was beyond my wildest dreams. I hope people in the neighborhood and Africare will show strong support if this new business does open.

    Also heard that the really good bakery on 9th street run by an Ethiopian woman is moving to 4th and Rhode Island. Not sure exactly where though.

  3. If it's Chez Hareg, I'm in trouble. I can't get enough of their biscotti, almond cookies, tiramisu, ….. crap, better get back on the bike.

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