Friday Misc pt 2

Now I remember that other thing, Painted Hand Farm, which has a booth at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market got a write up in the Wednesday Food section (hey at least something survived the revamp). The article “Veal, cast in a kinder light,” by Jane Black mainly talks about another farmer, but Sandy Miller gets some mention and a photo with two male calves. Also at her stall at the BFM she sells her neighbor’s Keswick cheeses and pudding. As the weather cools I’ll be making veal stock and I’ll be needing Painted Hand’s bones.

Friday Misc

Working on Waltha
Originally uploaded by In Shaw

Good morning. As you can see it appears things are just chugging along at the Waltha T. Daniel-Shaw library. Sparks a flying, cranes and trucks blocking traffic, good stuff.
A few blocks over at 7th and Q is the location of the Warrenton Group, (apparently spelled with and ‘e’, occasionally spelled Warranton with an ‘a’) which according to DC Mud is joining developer William C. Smith and Co. to rebuild the Sursum Corda Area aka Northwest One. Problem is, as far as some of us can tell the Warrenton Group is a fake front, as they have been awarded million dollar contracts but haven’t built shyte. They own shyte, but haven’t built or developed anything so far that one can point to. Unless someone out there knows something that we can go look at, besides the senior wreck center that is the shuttered liquor store at 7th and Q.
On a personal note this week I discovered the importance of a dehumidifier when my cellar flooded with 4 inches of water.
Lastly, sort of because I swear I meant to write something else, trick or treaters. As common on my street, we give out candy to small people who knock on our door. I’m guessing the prime time will be 5-7pm, because around 7:30-8 the sullen teens knock on the door and that’s when I turn off all the lights and hide in the rear of the house, or go over to someone else’s house. So check with your neighbors if you’re new since last year and join in the custom.