Ten Days of Truxton- Continuing the Revolutionary War

Day 5. When we last left Tom Truxtun was a privateer having successfully captured ships with the Independence in the Caribbean. In 1777 at the age of 22, Captain Truxtun of the Mars, sailed towards the English Channel to take on British ships. The Mars, other privateers and the Continental Navy were also cruising those waters to pick of British merchant ships. When they overtook a ship, they would then go to the friendly ports of France, and have the items liquidated there.
In January 1778, he returned to America, specifically Boston, then later that year with his wife and child returned to Philadelphia after the British had vacated. In 1779 he captained the Andrew Caldwell, which sadly was captured by the British as it was just in sight of the neutral Dutch island of St. Eustatius. After his capture he was able to get to St. Eustatius and there he made an effort to get back to America. While there he managed to buy another vessel and cargo to take back to Philadelphia. On the way back Truxtun hit what probably was a hurricane, off the coast of the Carolinas. In the storm he lost all of his masts but was able to limp home (while initiating an attack on the way) by creating a jury-mast(?) and a jury-rig. The ship he was on was the Lydia and he renamed it the Independence II after she was fixed. The new name brought better luck in the privateering effort in 1780. Truxtun almost made a million dollars off what he was able to capture, however inflation was ever so increasing as the Continental Congress kept printing money.
In 1781, Truxtun managed to get himself into a fight with a British ship where both parties were hit pretty hard. However, later it was discovered that the ship was an American British loyalist ship out of New York. In 1782, General George Washington praised Truxtun’s service at a dinner, remarking that he had, “been as a regiment to the United States.”

Fenty Scheduled to Show Up @ BACA meeting

Some of the chatter in the beauty shop a few days ago was on how the older women did not like that Fenty. And yes, I admit he’s less than popular but unless the Superman/Batman ticket is running against him, he still has my vote. Mainly because he comes to my hood. On a regular basis. And because he’s not Marion Barry, which face it, for some of us has been a major selling point for Fenty and Williams.
Anyway, the BACA meeting is in the basement of Mt. Sinai Baptist Church and starts sometime about 7. Sadly Heroes starts at 8 (used to be 9) and mixed with my slight souring of local politics lately, I’ll be departing at 8. No I don’t have TIVO, nor a VCR or any recordable do-hicky.
Anyway, since Fenty is showing up I gather a whole gaggle of people will appear, probably Harry Thomas Jr (D-Ward 5) and some cops. On the agenda is the John F. Cook (no ‘e’) School. At the ANC 5C meeting that topic took up a huge amount of time, I expect the same at BACA. However, Jim Berry is a gentle leader who is very aware the church will kick BACA out at 9 (and they do) so time to spend on topics may be limited and when Fenty shows up, cut off.
Lastly for you newbies, BACA is the Bates Area Civic Association, which covers the northern half or essentially ANC 5C01, part of Truxton. The southern half is covered by the Hanover Civic Association, part of ANC 5C02. Hanover isn’t as active on the web as BACA.