In the garden

…the squirrels take my green tomatoes, eat part of them then toss them aside for me to clean up. Stupid tree rats. I know they are my tomatoes and not B.’s tomatoes because I’m growing a few zebra heirloom varieties, which have stripes. I mean if you’re going to steal a tomato, eat the whole thing.
Blood meal is a good thing to keep squirrels from causing too much damage. Yet you have to keep reapplying it after the rain. This has been a rainy Summer and I am a lazy gardener.
The Swiss Chard has been doing well though. I’ve been eating it all this week when I cook at home. I cook it like spinach, saute garlic, then add chopped chard to the pan. Cook until very, very wilted. Add salt and fresh pepper. The two pots I have going serve me well enough. That and it is very colorful. It has white, bright yellow or scarlet red ribs and green leafy bits.
Beans. Beans made a come back. Too bad I haven’t been much in the mood to cook them. So I haven’t been picking them off fast enough to eat.

One thought on “In the garden”

  1. I hate what the friggin’ squirrels do the garden. I also hate what all the rain’s done to it. And the birds who ate my raspberries.

    The tomatoes are so unhappy. Too bad I don’t like hot peppers as much as I like tomatoes, b/c we have a TON of them.

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