Emergency PSA Wide Meeting

Hi PSA 501,

Lt. Welch and Lt. Wright are calling an emergency PSA meeting.

Date: Wednesday July 19th

Time: 7:00 pm

Location: St. Martins Catholic Church

1909 North Capital Street NW
Pioneer Room
Enter at the T St NW Basement Doors.

Due to the recent increase in crime I encourage all PSA residents and business owners to attend.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Tom Usselman

Flower Power 2006: Too Many Politicians

Well it went. Where were you? Really it wasn’t that hot.
One thing I’m in the mood to say was there were a number of people running for office. Mr. Frank Wilds was there, keeping cool with a straw hat. Sitting for a spell was also Ms. Rae Zapata, in big floppy hat. I think she had a posse that came before, right now I can’t remember for sure. Mr. Harry Thomas Jr. came (baseball cap), also with posse and he even went on part of the tour. At the reception Ms. Marie Johns (no head wear that I remember) came by, which I thought was funny because the host had a Fenty meet’n’greet at his about 1/2 a year ago.
At the walk’s start point in the park at 1st & Florida the politicos and their posse members went after people coming for the walk. And the people at the bus stop. And people walking through the park. I guess they need these little community gatherings to spread the word or whatever. It would help if there weren’t a dozen people running for Ward 5 and a handful of people running for mayor.
Correction: Ray has been changed to Rae.


So yesterday, prayers just started and in the back of the church this guy’s cellphone goes off. Occasionally, rarely do phones go off, and when they do there is the sound of the ringer, it gets louder when the owner takes it out of their pocket or purse, and then it is silenced. However, the sound was followed with a whispered “Hello?” and footsteps out of the sanctuary.
Cellphones have been in the hands of the regular folk for over a decade, unfortunately in that time people still don’t know how to behave with them. The question of should you answer your phone in church or at temple or in the mosque should be a no brainer. I would list rules for proper cellphone usage, but The Waiter, over at WaiterRant has done a far better job of posting rules called “How to use a cellphone without looking like an A$$hole“. Enjoy.