So yesterday, prayers just started and in the back of the church this guy’s cellphone goes off. Occasionally, rarely do phones go off, and when they do there is the sound of the ringer, it gets louder when the owner takes it out of their pocket or purse, and then it is silenced. However, the sound was followed with a whispered “Hello?” and footsteps out of the sanctuary.
Cellphones have been in the hands of the regular folk for over a decade, unfortunately in that time people still don’t know how to behave with them. The question of should you answer your phone in church or at temple or in the mosque should be a no brainer. I would list rules for proper cellphone usage, but The Waiter, over at WaiterRant has done a far better job of posting rules called “How to use a cellphone without looking like an A$$hole“. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Cellphones”

  1. >>>29. Answering your cell phone at a wake is the pinnacle of self involvement. You’re going to hell. Sorry.

    Sure enough, at my friend’s funeral, someone’s cell phone went off. I wanted 2 funerals to take place that day…

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