Angry Parent Rant

Nathan over at DC Education Blog gave his opinion of a Washington Post piece:

DCPS [District of Columbia Public Schools] doesn’t need charity, it needs a swift kick in the ass. It needs a major overhaul. It needs a Board of Education, a DC Council, a Mayor’s office, a union and a management core that actually gives a damn about education instead of feigning interest whenever its is politically or financially expedient, or when they’re trying to cover their ass.

Unfortunately I doubt any of this will happen any time soon. Oh, just as it has been for the last couple of decades people will bitch and moan, editorials will be written, campaign promises will be made, but at the end of the day nothing changes. Superintendents come and (quickly) go. The District’s Office of the Inspector General will continue to chronicle malfeasance and ineptitude. The District’s elected officials will continue to squander any opportunity for progress with their grandstanding, power grabs and squabbling. And people like Courtland Milloy will continue to write twaddle, dreaming about some deus ex Buffett moment where some capitalist swine arrives in the third act and solves all of the District’s problems by writing a check.

Heck I’m not even a parent and this touched me. Maybe because this type of corruption (ineptitude, & apathy towards agency goals are forms of corruption to me) is not just limited to DCPS.