Flower Power

Okay folks the Bates Area Civic Association Flower Power walk is this Saturday and no one has seemed to have bought tickets from me using the PayPal button. I got 4 tickets I need to get rid of, so buy my tickets.
Why would you want to buy my $10 ticket? Because even if you don’t go on the walk all the money raised go to beautification efforts in BACA (Bates section of the TC). Also it gives you a good excuse to walk around the hood with a garden lovin’ gang. It is useful for people thinking of moving over here. Dang it, buy my tickets!
Also Mary Ann needs tour guides for this weekend. Her email is maryannwilmer at verizon period net. I played tour guide on last year’s march of death and I had a history spiel. I need to brush off my books to find the info so I have something to talk about. The whole thing should be over in four hours from start to finish with refreshments afterwards.