Anyone lose their backbone?

I haven’t been watching TV news that much this week and I might have missed it in the paper but a little birdie told me that two human vertebrae were found in an alley in the NW section of the TC this week.

2 thoughts on “Anyone lose their backbone?”

  1. Don’t you know that if the person is not from England it is not news? Nor does it constitute a “crime emergency”? Shaw has had something like 10 murders since April and nada…one kid gets murdered (and I am not diminshing it…it is a tragedy) in Georgetown and they call out the national guard…don’t you know we don’t exist until the average price of a house is over 1 million and a few thousand people that look exactly like me?

  2. Those missing vertebrae belong to the Democratic Party. Please return them to DNC headquarters immediately, so they can get a spine again.

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